Dark and Drizzly

It was a dark and drizzly night, and just was I was putting on my shoes to go to my evening class Kiana rang to let me know that she had spotted an Erotica Expo billboard up on the Albany Highway. Which was absolutely perfect – it wasn’t an unreasonable distance away, and given that I was heading out anyway, I could check it out on my way back home.

So it was that about 9pm on Monday evening in August I drove up the road in question, looking for the big Erotica logo. Where was that billboard? In the chilly dampness of the night, lights sparkling off the wet road, I was hopeful it remained in place.

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Bondage Basics Collar

I never used to wear necklaces. When it came to jewellery, I was a rings and bracelets kind of woman (and I still am).

As it is, necklaces are still not regular-wear for me, but I now have quite the small collection. Most of them have special meaning to me, so I wear them at special times. And the other things I put around my neck? Collars.

I own two collars now – my first was the Baby Dee collar, which I love for many reasons. It now has competition – my Bondage Basics Collar. It’s about as different from the Baby Dee as it’s possible to get: red instead of black; wide instead of narrow; one D-ring instead of many. But it’s similar in that I like to wear it, enjoy the feel of it on my neck, and feel deliciously submissive when I’m wearing it.

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Expose of Erotica (Anniversary pt 2)

The Erotica Expo has been a yearly fixture in Auckland since about 2000, and I have been most every year – some years with a partner, some years with friends, some years with both. Last year was memorable in that Aphrodite and I went together, with Adonis joining us later. It was a brilliant afternoon and evening, as I took Aphrodite around on a chain-maille leash that Adonis had made (which felt a little strange, not being particularly dominant myself, but she loved it and that made me happy), and were joined after work by Adonis himself. And it was him seeing me glowing, sexually as high as a kite from spending half an hour in the long rectangular cage at the bondage stand (my first time in a cage, ever) that clicked our relationship from ‘friends’ to ‘more than friends’. And we never looked back.

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