Melbourne has some excellently named streets! When I first visited m’Lady in late 2011, we made a point of stopping detouring to Perversi Ave on our way back from visiting hir parentals, and indulging in some cock-sucking in the car.  This time around, whilst I was looking at maps of the city centre (which I had yet to visit) I saw that there was an Exhibition Street not far from where we were planning to be, I really wanted us to make a visit so I could get a pic

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Serious Dee?

I don’t do serious very well. You’re more likely to find me chortling merrily away – although I can keep a straight face when the occasion warrants it. It’s just there’s so damned much to be worried and concerned and frowny about in this world (and that’s why you’ll usually find me laughing instead).

But sometimes, for brief moments, I can be serious. I can hold still for just a moment. This is one of them. I can be serious for boobies.

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Support boobies!

You want some of these? Oh yeah, you do. The opportunity to gaze at my pale breasts gleaming in the late afternoon sunshine. It’s a sunny day in a lovely park next to a pretty lake. Breasts seem like just the thing.

Well, if you want to see mine, get on over to the Boobie-Thon and support them! You can see my bra (oh yes) for free in the gallery … but if you want the goods, pony up some cash to support them – and not only will you get to see my breasts, you’ll get to see a whole lot of others as well!

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Jubblies, melons, tits

This is another photo that’s been in my unposted file for ages – now is a great time to let it shine. Not only does it show off a lovely pair of knickers, my very cuddly belly, and a delicate tributary of stretch marks, it also has a timely focus on the breasts.

The 10th anniversary of Boobiethon is nearly among us! I’ve been pleased to participate for the past few years, and will be doing so again this year. I encourage you to take part too! There are heaps of different ways – you can send in pictures, volunteer to assist, donate funds, and of course promote and pimp this great fundraiser.

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Support and boobies

There’s a lot going on in the sex-blogosphere at the moment – and it’s not all orgasmic, sexy, hawt stuff. But being sex-bloggers, we still find a way to get sexy stuff involved. So read on:

Catalina and her husband Marky D. Sade are up against the clock, with their daughter’s school causing some major issues. So they’re calling for help, and having a raffle – with some astonishingly cool prizes:

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Bubbly Jubblies

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and there’s a lot happening around the blogosphere to raise money and awareness of the disease. It’s a worthy cause, and one close to home for me: my father’s mother had a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer (she later died from a mestasized cancer in her spine), and I myself had a scare earlier this year (thankfully, an ultrasound scan showed nothing wrong).

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