Auckland Retro

This is an older photo, taken back in 2010 on my 32nd birthday. Not as old as I’ve made it look, though! I adore the view of Auckland behind me in this shot, and I’ve edited to make it look like the old pictures in my family photo album. If my parents had been up Mt Victoria in Devonport before I was born and taken a photo? Then this is similar to what the picture would look like, I think.

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Auctioned (part 2)

Last year m’Lady Tethys wrote me a wonderfully hot story for my birthday – as ey has done every year we’ve been together. It’s one of the most wonderful gifts I receive. The story I awoke to on my birthday last month, however, is a little different in that it continues on from the previous year. And it is even hotter, especially if you get to hear em read it aloud (er, you don’t get that – I’m keeping it for myself)! I strongly recommend you read the first part if you haven’t – but either way, it is with permission and with great pleasure that I share these words with you now. Enjoy!

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If I Were a Zombie…

…I’d look much like this: absolutely morgeous!

I’d also probably bite even more often than I do now … (click through to see my ‘focused on brains’ look.)

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The story below was written by m’Lady Tethys as a birthday gift for me – I was thrilled to wake up and find it waiting for me in my inbox, along with an audio clip where ey read it aloud to me (as you can probably imagine, I wanked my brains out listening to it). It is with permission and with great pleasure that I share the words with you now, after keeping it to myself for a month.

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Birthday Burning

I turn thirty-six today – and I’ve had an incredibly awesome day! However the fun really got started a few days early, as on Friday night Enyo and I attended the awesome queer kinky party, Rough House (held at Basement) – and had lots of scratchy switchy sexy fun together, perved at lots of other folks having fun, and had some great conversations with friends and strangers alike. It was crowded and noisy and Satan Claus was in attendance with his big stick (and making good lubed up use of it, by the sounds of it), and it was a blast.

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Dee’s birthday story

It’s my birthday, and I have received many wonderful gifts from many wonderful lovers today. But my owner and m’Lady, Tethys, has given me a very precious present: a story zie has written herself, read out and recorded for me to hear in hir own voice.

I am delighted and honoured that zie is willing for me to share the text of that story with you all. I hope you find it as arousing as I do. Enjoy!

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Big rubber ball

What am I talking about ? Well, I’m not talking about a big, red, india-rubber ball, no no! No, what I’m talking about is in an entirely different class: an enormous, inflatable, zip-yourself-inside rubber ball. Yep.

And why am I talking about this? Because Hylas owns one – the perverted rubber fetishist that he is! And it’s been a very long time since he’s played inside it. And his birthday was in the offing (it’s today, in fact!).

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Yes, things are looking a little different! *beams*  My own domain,, is up and running, and has had a complete revamp as well!

It makes me want to give some thanks. Such thanks! For starters, I need to give big squishy hugs and scratchies to the delectable VanImp, who did all the hard work moving me to my own site, designed everything you’re looking at, and keeps answering my questions as I figure out how stuff works 

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A Very Special Post

Today is a very special day – it’s my sweet husband’s birthday! (Say ‘Happy Birthday, Apollo, you lucky, lucky man!’)

Today he is 36. Positively ancient. I’ve been teasing him and calling him an old man all day. Ancient, decrepit, worn-out… really, he’s none of those things, but it’s fun to make him wince and groan! *cough*

Apollo is, really, very private. Pictures of him have appeared here only a very few times. However, he’s smitten with me, still. And when I asked if I could pretty please do a special HNT guest-starring him, and promised to pick images that he would be satisfied with and could say no too … well, he said no.

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As the theme for the final HNT of 2008, rather than taking and posting a new image, it’s a chance for us to choose our favourite picture (our own, that is), of the year. I’ve been participating in HNT for a whole year, and I’ve put up some photos I really love – but there is one that is the most memorable.

Way back in March I posted this image, taken by Dionysos:

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