Gender Celebration Carnival round-up

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the inaugural Gender Celebration Carnival – many thanks for Ellie Lumpesse for putting it all together!  The posts for this carnival are definitely worth reading – if you missed any they are all below.

Comments got particularly interesting on my own post, so feel free to have a look back and add your own thoughts.

Participants and their posts:

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What Makes Me a Woman?

What makes me a woman?

Is it because I have a cunt? No, that can’t be right. Buck Angel has a cunt, and he’s very definitely a man!

Is it because I have the potential to create life inside me? It’s not that either. I’ve been sterilised, so no babies are growing in this womb. And sperm makes life just as much as eggs do.

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Spunky and Slippery

The sex education I had growing up wasn’t too bad. Not that it was terribly memorable either (unlike finding and devouring my father’s Playboy cartoon books. Which I now own).

What do I remember? I remember making rockets out of tampons at eleven. I remember being amazed  at sixteen when I found out that spunk (a term we used for a sexy guy) was slang for sperm. I know that I was taught about condoms and spermicide and the pill – and early enough that I used all of those things. Just.

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Fat and Sexy

See those curves? Those are mine. I love them.

I love my breasts, which are large and heavy. Sometimes they become more gravid than usual, drooping down toward my torso – usually as my sex drive rises.

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