Captured in Charcoal

I’ve been captured on canvas (or paper) a few times now – and been delighted with the result every time.

I had the pleasure of being drawn by the very talented Norton Elissen – he’s painted me in watercolour before, but this time it’s charcoal. It’s based on the image beneath the art (and you can see more like it in the post about my Hokianga holiday). Charcoal has captured me perfectly – and you can colour me very pleased indeed!

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Hokianga View

When Apollo and I went up to the Hokianga for a holiday a few months back, we woke up on our first full day there to this glorious view:

I rather get the impression Apollo was looking at the view inside while I was looking out across the harbour, though!

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Relaxing in the Hokianga Sunshine

Seems like I am so slow to get around to writing about my amazing experiences, these days! Earlier this year Apollo and I took a much-needed break and travelled up to the Hokianga, which was an area of New Zealand neither of us had been to before. We stayed at a friend’s holiday home for 5 glorious days, with absolutely nothing planned except relaxation time.

Relax we did! We slept in, fucked (on the very very creaky bed), read a whole bunch, fucked in the sunshine, played Scrabble, watched out-of-date TV shows, and fucked some more. Oh, and spent one day exploring the Hokianga area, too, but the photos from that exploration are for another post.

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Heated Spaces

A winter’s day.

Good company.

A hot fire, and no clothes…

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Exhibiting the Self

For me being naked isn’t just about showing myself off for other people. It’s about being comfortable in my head, in my emotions, and in my skin.

I am very happy to be unclothed both indoors and out, by myself and with other people. But I do really enjoy the frisson of exhibitionism: of getting my kit off in places where folks could potentially see me – as well as at events where it’s accepted and welcomed. Part of the reason why the Scavenger Hunt appealed so much to me when it was introduced was because I really adore pushing those location limits!

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Housework in the House

This is not something I thought would be assumed. And it was assumed by one of the last people I assumed (heh) would ever assume it. Which just goes to show.

I’ve been reading Mistress Matisse‘s writings since long before I started blogging – probably by a couple of years – so what she’s had to say has had an influence on me for nigh on a decade now. Whether it’s her blogging, articles in The Stranger, or tweets, I appreciate her wit, insight and attitude.

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Backyard Dash

When Lauralyn mentioned she was going to do a self-portraiture dash competition, I was definitely in – how could I not enter something as awesome as that? I charged up my camera battery, fiddled about with my gorilla pod, and decided to explore the confines of our (relatively new) back yard.

When we moved in I’d spent some time figuring out the best spot to not be noticed by the neighbours, and placed the outdoor bathtub there. But that wasn’t where I wanted to take these pictures – it was a small area under trees, and just not right! So after walking around the house, and back again, and confusing the cats no end, I settled on the tool shed at the back of the property. Sure, at least three neighbours could see if they chose to look out their windows, but really – this is me and I don’t care.

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Cup of Tea?

I do love my tea – it’s the best way to wake up; to keep hydrated; to relax. The standard at our house is Twinings Earl Grey, although there’s ‘gumboot’ (Choysa black tea) for those who don’t care that much, and I make sure to keep a rather large selection of herbal tea as well. I also have a special lidded cup from Xia just for drinking my loose-tea peppermint tea in…

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Seriously Proud Queer

For a long time I was uncomfortable with the term ‘queer’ – at least when it came to applying it to myself. Despite knowing that many people regard it as an umbrella term for those of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, it didn’t feel like it was a label that was right for me.

I’m quite particular about my labels. I really like to have them, with the proviso that I have chosen them myself – and I write them on removable stickers, in pencil! So sure, I’ve plastered myself with pansexual and polyamorous – either of which is enough for various friends to tell me that the label suited me. But I needed to work it through for myself, to see if it was a term I could come to terms with, reconcile to my sense of identity.

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Waving the Flag

One of the wonderful things about my best friend Kiana is that we just have so much fun together. Sometimes it’s a quiet day of reading; other times it’s hitting the op-shops … and occasionally it’s covering me in paint and photographing the results!

Before I got covered in paint, Kiana created a flag for me – one I am absolutely proud to have. Here are some more pictures of it (and yes, there are click-throughs on all of them this week):

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