On the KissCast

At the very end of last year, I opened my email and was absolutely delighted to see a message from Molly (of Molly’s Daily Kiss) asking if she could interview me for her new podcast, the KissCast. Of course I said yes – how awesome was that?

So in early January we got together on Skype and talked enthusiastically about many things, the end result of which is this, the fourth episode of the KissCast. (I recommend the others as well – they’re great listening!) Molly was a wonderful host who asked great questions about all sorts of things. Between the laughter there may even have been some answers!

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Oxter Love

I love my oxters. What are those, you may ask? My armpits. My lovely, hairy armpits. (I also love the word oxter!) While, like many teen girls of my generation, I immediately began shaving my pits when I hit puberty, for the last 1/2 dozen years I’ve left them au naturel, much like my pubic hair (and like the hair around my nipples, too). I absolutely love them that way.

My oxter hair is incredibly soft. It’s fairly long – certainly long enough that I often tug on it, groom it, feel it. While I still use deodorant, I appreciate my natural aroma much more, and it combines with my deodorant of choice to make a scent which pleases me.

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Challenging Myself

If there are rules, I tend not to follow them – not unless someone can give me a pretty good reason for that rule to be there.  So when it comes to body hair, and society’s rules?  I stick my tongue out at them! I have wild bush and silky pits, and I love them like that.

This month, though, I challenged myself – because one of the few areas of my body that I don’t adore is my chinny-chin-chin, and the ever-appearing hairs. So I’ve been ignoring the tweezers and letting them grow, and grow, and grow. (And as a bonus, I let my leg hair go free as well – well, why not?)

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Is it Alanis Morrisette ‘ironic‘, or just bad timing? Despite the adamant bush-love of my previous post, this afternoon I had my pubic hair trimmed.

Trimming is something I do about twice a year, usually in spring and autumn (right now, here in New Zealand, it’s the latter – and getting chilly). Springtime sees a close trim, taking it down to 5-10 mm and giving it the summer to grow out. Autumn’s trim, though, is more relaxed: just neatening up and shortening enough that I’m not catching strands in my underwear elastic!

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Down below

What do you expect to see, the first time you slide my knickers down? Are you anticipating smooth shaven skin and a pouting labia? Or are you hoping for a little continuing mystery – for a chance to search out the treasure nestled in the foliage?


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I have hair around my nipples. Or rather, I did, until Friday – and then they were tweezed out!


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Ode to Pubic Hair

Some people like the bushes

While others like the plain

And some prefer the hedgerows

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