Showing It All Off

What was I showing off? My udders and my arse – they were definitely on display at the party Hylas and I attended last month, celebrating the life and times of the Marquis de Sade.

Naturally, we needed to get some photos we took before heading in! (A little black dress slipped on nicely for the drive, and then slipped off again immediately after we arrived). My pet’s balcony once again provided the perfect backdrop for displaying my pretties.

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Birthday Burning

I turn thirty-six today – and I’ve had an incredibly awesome day! However the fun really got started a few days early, as on Friday night Enyo and I attended the awesome queer kinky party, Rough House (held at Basement) – and had lots of scratchy switchy sexy fun together, perved at lots of other folks having fun, and had some great conversations with friends and strangers alike. It was crowded and noisy and Satan Claus was in attendance with his big stick (and making good lubed up use of it, by the sounds of it), and it was a blast.

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Spunk on Me

When I write a tweet like this:


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Sunday Laziness

It’s Sunday. Who wants to get dressed on Sunday? I know I don’t – which is why I’ll laze about in my nightie all day if I can.

I’m very relaxed on the sofa in these images, photographed by Demeter. But alas, I’m about to go sit my arse down in at the other end of the house and study like a good (no longer procrastinating) student. So enjoy all four pictures and think of me cramming my head full of knowledge.

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Corset Jungle

Playing with Medea (my lovely long-time friend with benefits) the other week reminded me of just how much fun we have together. And of what gorgeous pictures I have tucked away on my computer! Very few people look just as amazing covered in grease as they do prettied up in lace, but Medea is definitely one such. Looking at images of our afternoon playing in the backyard ‘jungle’ of  our previous dwelling certainly confirmed that. Don’t her breasts look stunning swelling out of that top?

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Serious Dee?

I don’t do serious very well. You’re more likely to find me chortling merrily away – although I can keep a straight face when the occasion warrants it. It’s just there’s so damned much to be worried and concerned and frowny about in this world (and that’s why you’ll usually find me laughing instead).

But sometimes, for brief moments, I can be serious. I can hold still for just a moment. This is one of them. I can be serious for boobies.

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Support boobies!

You want some of these? Oh yeah, you do. The opportunity to gaze at my pale breasts gleaming in the late afternoon sunshine. It’s a sunny day in a lovely park next to a pretty lake. Breasts seem like just the thing.

Well, if you want to see mine, get on over to the Boobie-Thon and support them! You can see my bra (oh yes) for free in the gallery … but if you want the goods, pony up some cash to support them – and not only will you get to see my breasts, you’ll get to see a whole lot of others as well!

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Jubblies, melons, tits

This is another photo that’s been in my unposted file for ages – now is a great time to let it shine. Not only does it show off a lovely pair of knickers, my very cuddly belly, and a delicate tributary of stretch marks, it also has a timely focus on the breasts.

The 10th anniversary of Boobiethon is nearly among us! I’ve been pleased to participate for the past few years, and will be doing so again this year. I encourage you to take part too! There are heaps of different ways – you can send in pictures, volunteer to assist, donate funds, and of course promote and pimp this great fundraiser.

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Showing off my blue knickers

Aren’t they lovely? So well fitting and comfortable and pretty! I just adore showing them off, too.


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Diabolical Buns!

One of the best things about Easter is hot cross buns. Preferably toasted under the grill, with melted butter on them. Delicious!

But why go with the boring traditional ones when you can have these instead?

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