What a Poser!

There are a lot of bills (aka advertising posters) plastered around Auckland, albeit for the most part in designated spaces. And one thing they do is brighten up the area – it’s definitely not a boring white wall any more once these are up!

Directly around the corner from the phone booth was a whole mess of them, and when I spotted one (with my surname!) that showed a model in a certain pose, I knew I was going to have fun with this Scavenger Hunt

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Buggery by Baguette

A poem for Plumptious Pea, because she inspired me so!

He opens up

to accept the length of loaf –

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Nutty Like a Fruitcake

I was randomly noodling through my computer this morning, and stumbled across this post – written exactly 11 years ago today, in 2001. I’d been writing online for a little under a year at this point, and I was 24 years old…

Some explanations / clarifications after the post, for those curious. (The post is exactly as it was written and posted – no changes have been made, much though I’d love to!)

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Pipe Delight

Yesterday afternoon Hylas, Kiana and I went on a grand Scavenger Hunt location trek in the central city – and had a fantastic time! We successfully tracked down and knocked off six sites (and if we failed in three others that we wanted to do, well, we still had a loads of fun).

The one fail that was particularly irking us was ‘graffiti’. I mean, it’s the city – there should be graffiti everywhere! But every place we could think of where there’s normally loads had been cleaned up, painted over, and generally made nice. Dammit! As we made our way home, we stopped off in a few other spots just in case. But no – the council had been busy here, too.

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Big Cats Come Together

Continuing our Wild World special on the Big Cat Mating Ritual of New Zealand, the Tall Golden Furred Tiger has expressed his interest in the Big Arsed White Bellied Tiger, and had that interest returned. They have touched faces, and she has bared her belly – a sure sign of approval and a prelude to the mating itself.

Now the Golden Furred Tiger is purring gently as she grooms him. The claws of the White Bellied Tiger can be vicious, but she continues to show her approval – she how she has pulled his head to her belly.

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Big Cats on the Prowl

What happens when two kinky cats meet and find each other attractive? This week in Wild World, your host takes you through the beginnings of the Big Cat Mating Ritual of New Zealand.

The Big Arsed White Bellied Tiger feels threatened when the Tall Golden Furred Tiger enters her  territory. As yet his intentions are unknown. She watches from satefy, ready to react. (While they are sub-species, they do not always play together well, and it can end in bloodshed and tears.)

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Cunt Dancing

Today is the very last Wanton Wednesday – so I’ve decided to be even more wanton than usual, and send it off in style!

If you’ve been reading my blog a while, you will have seen my Clit Clamp (with bell) before. This tiny clamp has caused me a great deal of trouble in the past. There was, sure, one hell of an orgasm at Bastion Point, but prior to that were was  a car with hard suspension, lots of judder bars, and me with said clamp on my nethers for hours.  I remember it mostly with a gritting of teeth, while Hylas thinks of it considerably more fondly – and has a blast teasing me about it!

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Eggceptional Easter Eggstacy

It’s a special time of year

when the Easter Bunny comes

with eggs all in a basket

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Apparently being stretched out and relaxed on the deck, with rope and a very fine hat,  was enough to arouse the curiousity of one of our cats.

Moss wanted to know what I thought I was doing in his spot, thank you very much. The answer, of course, was paying attention to him!

(click-throughs on all images, for bonus cattage!)

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Sharing shears

I love sharp things. They make me squirmy and turned on and hot. So when I was visiting CarouselPony to photograph her and her new pet, and her partner pulled out vintage sheep shears which belonged to his grandfather … I got a little ‘my preciousss‘ over them!

Click-throughs on all images.

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