Curvaceous Cast

The names are getting numerous as the relationships expand! Here, then, the ‘cast’ list, alphabetically (most names are taken from Greek Mythology, and there are links to follow if you are curious as to why I chose them).

Last updated September 2015.

Frequent Partners

Illustration of an OrgyApollo
My civil union partner, Apollo one of the most important people in my life. He’s (self-described) vanilla, geeky, polyamorous, and a delight to wake up with in the morning!
(mentioned regularly, this post was the first to feature him)

With Hylas I have learned many things, not least that I really get off on being toppy! I also really enjoy that he calls me ‘Boss’. A rubber fetishist, we’ve been exploring his extensive collection of latex.
(we play with rubber in this post)

Tethys (aka m’Lady)
Tethys is my first long-distance poly partner, and was my owner for a little over four years. We’re still intimate and love each other – and it’s hard being apart most of the time! We make the most of webcam, headset, and chat – and visit in person as often as we can.
(I talk about the impact of being collared in this post)

Occasional Partners

Friends-with-benefits over the years, Demeter is a voluptuous bisexual who has played with me and a goodly number of my lovers. She, Apollo and I have a long-standing, comfortable relationship.
(discussed at length in this post)

Hermes and I initially met through the local poly community, and he has a lovely family. Managing kids and a business means that we’re in an ebb stage, but still close.
(first mentioned in this post)

Former PartnersAncient Times

We’re drifted apart, unfortunately. A number of years ago the nature of his primary relationship with Persephone clashed with ours, and I made the hard decision that I could no longer be with him. Now he’s remarried to someone new, and we’re not in contact.

A lovely kitty, Ailuros is a fan of both fur and latex. He was remarkably fun to play with, a great biter, and someone I could kiss for hours at a time. Unfortunately bad communication put an end to whatever it was that we had.

Formerly my girlfriend, as well as former partner of Adonis. We are no longer friends.

Artemis kept very much to herself, but was slowly opening herself to the world. She was shy, sexy, and special. I no longer know how her journey is going.

Dionysos and I discovered kink, D/s and love of play together. These days we are still friends, but his focus on family means that there’s no more than that.

A friend for many years, it was with Enyo that Apollo and I had our first threesome experience. A decade later we explored sexual and romantic possibilities, although that was ended by her as she came to terms with her previous relationship. Now overseas, we remain in touch through email and facebook.

A Domme and professional masseuse, Hygeia and I were very good friends for nearly a year. She also dommed me at times. We are no longer close.

Hyperbius remains a good friend, and is well named (we spend a lot of time messing about with lego). While we enjoyed getting naked and sweaty, it wasn’t the right relationship for either of us.
(he’s introduced somewhat spectacularly in this post)

Medea is a smokingly hot, bisexual, steam-punky roleplayer (she also loves hats). We had a fantastic FWB relationship and enjoyed writing about it from differing points of view. We remain friends, but have drifted apart over the years. She’s now overseas.

The former wife of Hermes, Metis is also polyamorous and we explored our attraction together once or twice.
(An ode to her cunt is written here)

Rheia was my first girlfriend, and one I am still good friends with. Deliciously butch, and very gender-fuckery, she delights in being called ‘sir’ in shops, and now lives in London. We have a great time catching up when she’s over this side of the world :)

Ancient Times 2Others mentioned

My one and only brother. Died November 2010. Much loved.

Adonis’ former slave, Nausicaa is interested in Gorean ideals.

A friend who is also in the kink scene, Nike and I like to practice together with rope together from time to time.

Penelope / Kiana
My best friend. Penelope introduced me to the local BDSM scene.

(Now former) partner of Adonis.

A potential partner – who has a lovely hair and beard, and gives amazing hugs! I am patient…

A kissing friend, who also likes to tie me up in rope!

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