Conversations With My Owner

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Need versus Want

Dee on IM: growls happily 
I am so fucking horny and ready to come.
bites lip

Tethys on IM: Do you need to come?

Dee: I can wait, m’Lady.
The pulsations are distracting.

Tethys: Unless you need to come, i forbid you from coming. And even then, you can’t expect my permission.

Dee: nods I understand, m’Lady.
I adore being aroused by you.
I have, however, a suspicion that if I flow with that and orgasm as I wish, I will be punished.

Tethys: So what do you need more?

Dee: I need you more than I need to come without permission.

Tethys: A satisfactory answer. :-)

Dee: smiles Thank you, m’Lady.

The Unexpected

Dee on IM: May I have permission to masturbate to orgasm tonight?

Tethys on IM: You may not masturbate to orgasm.
You may masturbate to four orgasms, no less. :-)

Dee: Yes, m’Lady. Thank you.

Tethys: Message me when you’ve done so.

Dee: I shall, my owner. I will text you, and tell you what I was fantasising about when I came. Thank you so much!

No Intention

Tethys on IM: I require you to slap your cunt five times for me. Right now.

Dee on IM: catches breath And now I am absolutely dripping. Thank you, m’Lady.

Tethys: i am glad my fucktoy responded as i’d hoped!
Would you like an orgasm?

Dee: Oh, yes please, m’Lady! Your slutty fucktoy would like that very much indeed!

Tethys: How much do you need one?

Dee: ponders Right now I want one very much. I don’t need one.
And I really wish I didn’t have to admit that.

Tethys: i am proud of you, my property!

Dee: May I touch myself though, please, m’Lady?

Tethys: Because, in fact, i have no intention of allowing you to orgasm tonight. Or indeed tomorrow.

Dee: whimpers

Tethys: You may touch yourself however you wish.

Dee: Thank you, m’Lady.
I do enjoy being able to touch myself.

Tethys: i enjoy knowing that you’re touching yourself.

Dee: The torment of doing so, without release, knowing it pleases you, pleases me.

Tethys: nods in satisfaction

Dee: is drenched

curvaceousdee dildo chrome masturbation

Orders in Public

Dee on phone: Am at a bbq lunch with kinky friends right now – it’s great to see friends I haven’t caught up with in a while. Love you m’Lady xxx

Tethys on phone: Oh? Well: come!

Dee: *shudders and bites lip* Thank you m’Lady! That was lovely.

Tethys: My pleasure, my fucktoy.

Time is Relative

Tethys on voice/video: As you begged so well, i’m thinking about letting you come.
But if i do so, you must come until i tell you to stop.
Can you do that, my fuckcow?

Dee on voice/video: I…I think so. I want to. I will do my absolute best, my owner.
I really want to come. I need to come.
So yes.

Tethys: Are you sure?

Dee: Yes. Please. Please, m’Lady, please can I come for you?
Please, can I come for as long as you order?

[long pause]

Tethys:  Come!
Keep going.
You can do it.
Keep going.
You may stop now, my slut.

[another long pause]

Dee: Thank you, my owner. Ow! I ache everywhere.
How long was that?

Tethys: One minute 10 seconds.

Dee: Wow.
My head, stomach, cunt all ache.
Totally worth it!

curvaceousdee dildo chrome masturbation


I was also ordered to orgasm during the putting-together of the blog post. Unsurprisingly!

Kink of the Week

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6 Responses to “Conversations With My Owner”

  1. Jade
    April 7th, 2014 @ 5:39 pm

    ~grin~ No, that is NOT a surprise! And now…without having to ask permission…I believe *I* will go have an orgasm! (Hot!)

  2. Michael Samadhi
    April 8th, 2014 @ 12:06 am

    Nothing beats hearing a lady begging to cum – nothing!

    Your post ends up in the “OMG Fucking hot!” category! Awesome!

  3. Molly
    April 8th, 2014 @ 3:22 am

    Everything about this is HOT


  4. Mia
    April 8th, 2014 @ 7:18 am

    Oh my, this made me wet!!! Lol Brilliant post!

    ~Mia~ xx

  5. HappyComeLucky
    April 11th, 2014 @ 9:54 am

    This is such a brilliant post and makes me grin with the similarities to my experiences with my man. I normally complain about long distance but some aspects are so hot.

  6. Dee
    April 12th, 2014 @ 11:19 am

    Jade – *chuckle* Good for you! More orgasms in the world can only be a good thing :)

    Michael – Who’re you calling a lady, huh? *smiles* Delighted you found this hot!

    Molly – That’s a win, then :)

    Mia – Mmm, wetness :)

    HappyComeLucky – There are definitely some hot aspects, no argument there.

    xx Dee


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