Intriguing Reading #71

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My regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

Not So Different: “The first time I touched a penis, I was amazed: it’s just skin!  It didn’t feel all that different from the skin anywhere else on his body.  I’d been expecting… I don’t know what I was expecting. Something exotic, something totally new and different and dirty and scary and strange.  Like maybe it would feel like a squid, or be electrified, or cause the world to tastefully fade to a view of fluttering curtains.” (Cliff Pervocracy)

On sex versus masturbation: “It should never be about sex versus masturbation – there’s no either/or. You can love sex and love your partner and think they’re hotter than the sun, but still find yourself occasionally needing a bit of alone time.” (Girl on the Net)

Vampire Lesbian Girl Scouts Nymphos from Venus in Bondage: “The librarian’s blouse is gone and the bra is on its way. She steps up to the sex addict vampire girl who sucks people’s life energy out of their chakras – and shoves her down on to her chair. Her righteous Working Class breasts are out and they’re bigger than the British Empire. She straddles the poor girl who stares up at her stiff brown nipples in fascination and terror.” (C. Sanchez-Garcia / ERWA)

Queer is the question: “‘Queer’ is not something that ever stays still; it is transient and, in that sense, in a constant state of becoming. It is no more less essential than a lesbian, bisexual, or trans* identity – however ‘queer’ does exist by itself, as well as being an umbrella term for all identities that aren’t “straight”.” (Nayla Ziadeh /New Statesman)

The Rare Fetish Survival Guide: 3 Tips From A Woman Who Has One: “Four years of high-school sex-ed left me woefully unprepared for the reality of having unusual sexual needs, and in the beginning, I was almost entirely alone while trying to figure out such basic things as how to find the porn or how exactly to go about realizing my fantasies.” (Molly Ren / TheFrisky)

Dick Bouquet - Erika Moen

Erika Moen / Oh Joy Sex Toy

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