Intriguing Reading #70

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My regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

Having My Cake and Eating It Too: “Imagine if the thing that got you off could appear anywhere at any moment. As a young teenager, when I realized I had a fetish, this was awful. Telling people I was gay was fairly easy for me, because in comparison to the other things I get off on, fucking another person who has a vagina seems mundane.” (Sarah Galvin / The Stranger)

The things no one tells you…: “Think the kamasutra has nothing on you, huh? Sure, you can get into all of those positions with ease… Ever think to stretch first? I’ve learned now if I want crazy sex I need to sneak away to stretch first after a harrowing incident in which my hip popped out and I had to punch my partner to get him off because the pain was blinding. Moral: limber up.” (Cammies on the Floor)

Chelsea Manning and the Politics of a Pronoun: “If I am trying to verify someone’s ethnicity for a story in which it is relevant, I don’t simply assume a person is Asian or Latino because of how they look, sound, or how their names is spelled. I ask. Why does this standard go out the window when it comes to gender?” (Gabriel Arana / The American Prospect)

Something Rotten in the State of Sweden: “Those who claim to want to help sex workers must actually listen to their voices, and this includes bearing witness to the abuses committed against them by the state, rather than subscribing to a conservative and overly privileged expectation that increased policing will be beneficial to them. Legislation needs to be based on better foundations than hyperbole, glib sloganeering and misleading research.” (Nine / The Toast)

Blacksilk, Porn User?: “…I remain convinced that this word has been chosen purposefully. Because the goverment, and certain sections of the meeja, has an agenda. Because I think “user” really has some connotations that are being intended here, as per the dictionary quote above. Drug use, for one. Perhaps “user” as in emotional use.” (Blacksilk)

Jiz Lee

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