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Sometimes I get so horny I could bust. And when that happens, a whole lot of orgasms is the result, often for days at a time.

When I’m in this state of being I become very focused on my physical reactions. It’s not to the exclusion of everything else – I’m still going about my life – but it takes so very little for me to be right back there, thinking about the fuck.  This time around I’ve been über-horny for the last ten days or so. My standard routine is to masturbate three or four times a week, with bonus partnered sexual escapades, and the occasional porno DVD or short video. But now I’ve ramped right up – I’m watching multiple clips; wanking two-three times daily (for quite long periods of time) – and I cannot stop thinking about all things sexy.

I’ll be lying on the sofa reading a perfectly non-sexy book, and I’ll catch myself with my hand in my knickers.  I’ll be walking along the street and I find that my focus is firmly on the brush of fabric across my tender nipples.  I’ll be lying in bed with the lights off, ready to fall asleep – and my mind will drift to that sexy conversation I had with m’Lady, and suddenly I really need another orgasm before I sleep…

Every day I feel the ache of my cunt muscles; my arse cheeks; my thighs; my forearms. I smile at my bruises in the mirror and poke them. I grin at the dildos drying on the windowsill in the bathroom. All of these things make me want to get off again – and most of the time I give in to that desire (why not?).

Why’s my libido so high? I put the blame squarely on my expansion training. What’s that, you ask? It’s something m’Lady asked of me after my last visit to see hir, and a challenge I was pleased, if somewhat nervous, to accept: to create a plan for training both my cunt and my arse to accept and take larger toys. The eventual plan is that I’ll be able to take fists in both my cunt and my arse!

So for the last ten days I’ve been getting to know the D.VICE Sire very well indeed – and I love the damned thing! I only use it once a day, but it’s for anything from fifteen minutes up to over an hour. I’ve relaxed on my computer chair with it; washed the dishes wearing it (distracted? Why yes, yes I was); had Apollo ram me hard with it (fuck that was hot!) – but mostly I sit or lie back and fuck myself with it, and I love the feeling of fullness it gives me.

curvaceousdee masturbation cunt dildo

But I need more – and so I’ve now ordered the Tantus Mr. Universe, for the next step in my cunt training.

For my arse, I’ve recently stepped up from the D.VICE Jewel to the Gem, which I’m now wearing for relatively short periods of time whilst I’m also using the Sire. And it feels so very, very good. Having both my holes filled is a wonderful sensation, and one that I wish I could feel more of the time.

Alas, for my sins, I’m going to have to take a break – from the Sire at least. Because all that glorious hard cunt fucking has meant I’ve given myself cystitis. Dammit!

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2 Responses to “Libidinous”

  1. Mitsu
    November 25th, 2012 @ 8:17 am

    I love the feeling of being filled by two things at once. I’m so glad you’re also documenting your expansion – it would be fun to compare our butt plug progressions!

  2. Dee
    November 28th, 2012 @ 5:08 pm

    Now there’s a great idea, Mitsu! And yes, being filled by two things simultaneously is an amazing sensation – I want it more :)

    xx Dee


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