Intriguing Reading #44

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My regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

I’ll Do Anything You Want: “Out here in the real world, women want things. Sometimes we even want things you don’t like. It’s almost like we exist independent of your sexual desires. Unless you know me extremely well, telling me you’ll do anything I want is just insulting. At least be honest and tell me it never occurred to you that I’m anything but a life-support system for a whip.” (Stabbity)

A Guide to Introverted Polys, Featuring Pie: “To use a metaphor: to recharge, an introverted pie would have to go in the quiet of the refrigerator and chill, while to be at its best, an extroverted pie has to see and be seen with other pies in the display case. To not get that time in the refrigerator, an introverted pie would feel like it’s giving up a slice of itself, similarly, to be shut up alone in that refrigerator, an extroverted pie would feel like it was getting stale.” (Avie Saenz / Modern Poly)

Ladies, You Need to Masturbate. From a Girl Who Didn’t For the First 26 Years of Her Life: “Or maybe I just stopped being so fucking puritanical about masturbation and realized that sex is an urge everyone gets, just like the urge to eat or the urge to shit, and I have boundless love for both those things. Sex is an instinct, and as long as you’re not forcing it on anyone else or spreading diseases, do with it what you will. Especially when you’re by yourself in the privacy of your own home.” (Kat George / VICE)

Sex bloggers are….: “All bloggers are somewhat self-indulgent, we like to write about our interests and ideas, the difference with sex bloggers is that with our content comes respect and openness.  We know not everyone wants to read what we write, we know that sometimes what we write will challenge assumptions and possibly butt up against someone else’s view of the world.  But we aren’t writing to upset you, or to force you to think the same as us, to fuck the same as us.  We aren’t writing to shame you, we know you and your version of sexuality is sacred to you, just as ours is to us.” (Ruby Kiddell / Write Sex Right)

After 2 Years Scientists Still Can’t Solve Belly Button Mystery, Continue Navel-Gazing: “We began to more seriously wonder what explained the differences from one person to the next. We were finding hundreds and then thousands of species, many of which appear new to science. They included strange species, such as one species found on my body that appears to prefer to break down pesticides. One can imagine many possibilities and over coffees and beers, we did. We started reading up on the many things we did not know about belly buttons. We asked dumb questions in order (we hoped) to be able to ask smarter questions. At one particularly dark juncture I asked primatologist Ann Yoder if I could sample her belly buttons. This was followed by an awkward moment during which I had to explain that I meant the belly buttons of the lemurs she studies and then an even more awkward moment when she politely pointed out that lemurs don’t really have belly buttons.” (Robb Dunn / Scientific American)

Genderqueer interviews, part 1 from Dave Naz

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