Intriguing Reading #38

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My regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

The Dialectics of Breastfeeding on Campus: Exposéing My Breasts on the Internet: “I was shocked and annoyed that this would be considered newsworthy, and at the anti-woman implications inherent in the email’s tone. “Delicate”? “Uncomfortable”? What did the Eagle, AU’s official student newspaper, think I was? A rice paper painting? A hymen? If I considered feeding my child to be a “delicate” or sensitive act, I would not have done it in front of my students. Nor would I have spent the previous year doing it on buses, trains and airplanes; on busy sidewalks and nice restaurants; in television studios and while giving plenary lectures to large conferences.” (Adrienne Pine / CounterPunch)

Can’t hear your voice no more, cause the things you do are so much louder: “I just want to live in a queer world where we don’t throw around the phrase “My queer is so much more difficult than your queer”. Hi, last time I checked we were trying to establish a community where we could all network safely without judgement, that means no queer on queer hate too. Another thing that bugs me is assuming that some people who say they are queer are only saying it to try to appropriate it.” (Molly Caudle)

Print Your Own Penis: “Meanwhile, at Harvard, a team of frightening people have engineered biocompatible robot flesh that can bond with human tissue and directly access the body’s electrical system. In success, the body would treat attached devices as organs to be operated by the central nervous system. An utter blurring of the line between the synthetic and the biological.” (Warren Ellis / Vice)

Feminist Dopamine, Conscious Vaginas, and the Goddess Array: “I almost feel sorry for Ms. Wolf because it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Dopamine is not a feminist neurotransmitter, unless snails and insects have been secretly reading Betty Friedan and listening to Bikini Kill.” (The Neurocritic)

So, About Those Naked Pictures of You on the Internet: “I say this in part because this will continue to be an issue long after we no longer have mobile phones, and instead have floating robot familiars or holofaxes or cybernetic helper monkeys. I don’t care whether it’s a computer or a telegraph or two soup cans: If there is a method of communication, people will use it for fucking. And you know what? Fucking is private. If you pick up some guy’s cordless phone 1-900 jerk sesh on your police scanner, he’s not the creep for having phone sex in the privacy of his own home, you’re the creep for listening.” (Julieanne / xoJane)

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