All Wanked Out?

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vintage blindfold masturbation flashlightThe Wankfest 2012 challenge – to masturbate 3 times daily for the month of May – is over. While a bad cold meant that there were five days where I only masturbated once or twice, I did complete the entire month, and I am quite pleased to have done so!

You can see the spreadsheet, comprising all thirty-one days, eighty-four sessions, and what got me off, here.

You can also read my previous updates, throughout the month, here:

Is it strange that I don’t want to stop touching myself? Or is that entirely natural? The last two times I did the Wankfest challenge – in 2008 and in 2010 – I made it to June and proceeded to promptly ignore my genitalia! This time around I just want to keep on going. Perhaps it’s because this time I did it three times as often?


Bathtime Session

A treat for all my lovely readers: watch me get intensely pleasurable in the bathtub! This is from the 10th of May – while I recorded all twenty minutes (and a whole lot of orgasms), I’ve had to cut it down to the very first orgasm. Maybe I’ll just have to upload the rest at a different time …


Best Fantasy of  the Week

Wednesday: Earlier in the month Hylas told me a delicious story, about how I was a full-size dolly made of rubber, made just for him to cuddle and fuck and use. I went back to this fantasy, but instead of just being for him, this time I was at a fetish club. I was sitting on the floor in the corner, blind and deaf in my full-body rubber. The only gaps in the suit were for my mouth, my cunt and my arse – they opened to hot and juicy orifices. I was picked up, manhandled, used in those holes by whomever wanted the easy relief. It turned me on so very much, to be objectified, ignored, utilized, fucked, discarded. Just a doll. Not even real.


Best Location of the Week

Sunday: Demeter and I had a date to see two movies at the OutTakes festival. She was driving, so I asked if I could do something new – masturbate in the car while she drove. After some thought, she agreed. And it was a blast! I had my hand in my pants, diddling away, for the entire drive into town – and we both about busted a gut laughing and joking as we went. I also came pretty hard (without wetting my knickers or jeans, or her seats). I do have to wonder if anyone on the bus in the next lane saw anything …


Best Toy of the Week

Tuesday: Wanking with the clit and labia clamps was definitely the winner for this, with a glass toy for penetration as a bonus. I really do like having that pressure/pain on my labia – the pain on my clit isn’t always as pleasant, but it definitely worked for me in this instance.


Best Media of the Week

Tuesday:  My latest order from Lulu arrived, and included ‘Tales of the Wild Kiss‘ by Shon Richards (if you’re not reading his blog, you should be). And it’s full of piratical erotica deliciousness of all genders and sexualities, and even better than I anticipated – you can read one of the chapters here for free, and I definitely recommend you do so!  I own five of Shon’s books in paperback, and intend to keep on buying them – he writes brilliant erotica that turns my crank every time. Handily, he also has regular short stories on his blog as well, so I’m never short of wanking inspiration.


Best Orgasm(s) of the Week

Monday: I had a late-night chat conversation with m’Lady, and shortly after midnight wanked and watched porn zie selected for me as I chatted with hir. I was deep in fuckspace at the time, feeling extremely depraved, and coined a new term for myself and how I felt: ‘fuckpig’. Not a term I would have been happy with anyone else using on me, or even been happy to use myself as little as six months ago. But now feels perfect.  I described it like this in my journal later that night (after five extraordinarily intense orgasms)I am a fuckpig. I wallow in the mire of depravity, desire, wantonness, exhibitionism. I sniff at interesting groins, cover myself in what others see as refuse, dance in the mud of juices and sweat. I roll around, naked, dirty, needy. m’Lady feeds me well.


Best Overall Session of the Week

Thursday: Funnily enough, the last session of the month was also the best overall session of the week. I spent the entire day in anticipation of it – even though the two sessions earlier in the day were entirely satisfactory, there was something about knowing that this was the final one!  I did a little erotica reading, but mostly as I came I was focused on myself and my sensations, and thinking of m’Lady and how very much I miss being with hir.



Masturbation everywhere

~ Jill from frisky916cpl looks back at how she and Jack did for Masturbation Month – and also includes a fantastic video of herself wanking and orgasming. I really want to get my mitts on an eroscillator (and on Jill, for that matter) now!

~ Shilo McCabe is an amazing photographer, and here she shows off some lovely new masturbation photographs, interspersed with quotes from the previous years Masturbation Project.

~ And here are some more facts and fantasies about masturbation. Keep your brain as full as your pants!



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3 Responses to “All Wanked Out?”

  1. Sadey Quinn
    June 5th, 2012 @ 1:03 am

    WOW! I am super impressed…

    I saw reference to the wankfest thing but didn’t realize it was 3 times a day. hmmm…

    maybe a new goal for June. 😉

    nice spreadsheet. :)

  2. Michael Samadhi
    June 5th, 2012 @ 11:05 am

    if you decide to live out the train gangbang fantasy I’d like an invite! 😉

  3. Dee
    June 13th, 2012 @ 9:55 am

    Thanks Sadey – I was rather impressed I made it through the month! There’s a reason I only do this once every two years :)

    Only if it’s on a train, Michael?

    xx Dee


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