Sodom: Midnight

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Midnight is the witching hour – and at Sodom it’s no different. There’s something about the movement from one day to the next. Endings and beginnings. Whether you’re aware of the changeover or not, it still leaves its mark.


As the clock turned midnight, Caroline was wide open and welcoming a strangers cock into her arse. Tied to the stocks, blindfolded, well-lubricated, and profoundly aroused, she didn’t care who it was fucking her, as long as she was fucked.  Her cheeks burned from slapping, her tits from mauling, and her ankles from the pull of the rope, but she didn’t care. Sir had arranged this. Sir was watching her be used, at his pleasure.

As the heavy cock slammed against her over and over she felt her undulations building. Her head was spinning, colours flying in the dark of the blindfold. Oh, and there! The sudden body-shudder spasm, and her orgasm rippling around the hard length in her arse.

It was good to be a slut.


As the clock ticked over into tomorrow, it was Linus sliding his cock deep inside his pet – but she didn’t know that. The whole build-up, the tease, had been to have her believing there was a whole line of strangers just waiting to plunder her, and she believed it, utterly. For now, he was going to fuck her, and fuck her hard. But later… now he knew just how much that particular scenario worked for her? Well, they’d just have to see.

He slammed his cock into her, taking her hard and fast, listening to her gasp and yelp and hearing her build up audibly into an intense orgasm that clenched her hard around him.

Oh, but it was good to be her owner.


As her watch quietly beeped midnight, Tina was already standing up and ready to close the main doors. It was  time for her break, and she meant to make the most of it. “Jake,” she said quietly into her earpiece. “Ready to come stretch your legs with me?” She turned the lock, and shot the bolt home – ensuring that no one could come onto the premises now that entry was officially closed. A smile flicked across her face at Jake’s response, and she picked up The List on her way past her stool, heading for the bar, and Jake.

It was good to work at Sodom. Especially when you had a partner.


As the eleven became a twelve, Jake was thinking about T. He knew that she’d be pretty antsy by this point – come about eleven-thirty she always started to get bored, which is why they took their break together at midnight, after she locked up. He was emptying the glass steriliser when he heard her voice in his ear, and was ready with a riposte: “How about you stretch those legs nice and wide, and I stretch my tongue nice and deep?”

He didn’t expect a reply – at least not a verbal one. He figured he’d get a response in person, soon enough.

It was good to have something to look forward to.


As midnight struck, the Doyenne listened to Arthur as he moaned, and smiled.

As the seconds ticked, Arthur breathed harshly through dryness of his mouth and moved against the uncomfortable hardness in his pants.

As the moments passed, hot steamy fucking began again in the showers, with Ayn and Yvonne slowly ravishing Saul’s pert bottom.

As time kept on moving, Sodom kept on doing what it did best: providing ample room for perversion, delights, and debauchery, all the way ’til morning.



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3 Responses to “Sodom: Midnight”

  1. Hylas
    July 2nd, 2012 @ 4:57 pm

    I am really glad to see the return of Sodom and am eager to see how things develop :)

  2. Carol Anne Caiafa
    July 2nd, 2012 @ 5:41 pm

    Good to see this back – and wondering what happens next! Have also written more tentacle stuff if you’re interested. 😉

  3. Dee
    July 8th, 2012 @ 8:44 pm

    Thank you, darling Hylas – I am glad you’re still reading!

    Carol Anne, I am glad you emailed me more of your tentacles. Your writing is most excellent indeed :)

    xx Dee


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