A brief break from wanking to bring you an update

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It’s been a busy seven days since my first Wankfest 2012 update, but it’s not, unfortunately, just been from the masturbation. If anything, those frequent breaks for self-pleasure have been welcome pauses in amongst everything else – so that’s all good by me!

If you haven’t been keeping up with my spreadsheet, it’s a good way of seeing how I’ve been getting my rocks off. What I’ve been fantasising about, erotica I’ve been reading, and toys I’ve been using. My fingers have also been getting an excellent workout – both they and my clit are really feeling the effects! Despite creating rather a lot of my own, I’ve also been using lubricant in liberal amounts (I do recommend water-based ID Glide – we keep a pump bottle by the bed, and it’s so damned handy), and that keeps things nice and slick and slippery.

I’ve also been working on learning how to orgasm without ejaculation. Ever since I started to gush with orgasms – well over a decade ago – it’s like a switch was flicked, and I’ve never been able to stop. Very occasionally I’ve been able to have one without, but not ever as a planned event. So learning to come without it being a tsunami event would be very useful, even if it’s only sometimes! For my learning sessions (one each day) I’ve been trying to not ejaculate on purpose – and it’s difficult as anything! I’ve had a lot of failures. However, for one session I finished with my towels as dry as a bone – so I know it’s possible!  (I have discovered, over the last day or two, that trying to wank and not ejaculate when using toys, though, is an added level of fail. Back to fingers for the time being.)


Best fantasy of the week

Sunday: I fantasised about being in a large room, tied to fucking machine that fucked all three of my orifices. I was in an upright position, tied with my ankles by my ears. My head was tilted back so there was a clear column from my mouth down my throat, and I could only see the ceiling.

Each dildo had a separate remote control that had been handed to a different person around the room by m’Lady. The remotes controlled the speed and depth of penetration, and also (for the anal and vaginal dildos) vibration.

I was thoroughly fucked…


Best location of the week

Thursday: I love my bathtub. It was such a decadent treat to run the water, pour in the bath salts, and lie back with my fingers and my trusty water-proof vibrator. But it gets better: I’d set the camera up (nice and high) so it captured me as I splashed and squirmed and pleasured myself. Yes – I videoed the entire thing…


Best toy of the week

Every day: My fingers go with me everywhere. They’re versatile – they can rub gently, press hard, pinch, pull, penetrate, plunder … they’re very skilled, my fingers. I love all my toys, and they’re awesome for variety, but it’s hard to beat something as good as those digits of mine!


Best media of the week

Thursday: I woke up to an unsolicited email from a fellow who’d written a book. And I’m so very, very glad he messaged me, because his book is erotica, and it’s so damned HOT (there’ll be a review up here before too long). Thank you, Paul Christian, for writing ‘The Secret Journey’. I’m only up to the end of The Trainer (guh), but I am really looking forward to reading more.


Best orgasm(s) of the week

Saturday: I am so damned proud of myself for those non-ejaculatory orgasms. I made the interesting discovery that unlike my usual orgasms, these ones are more like water trapped in a bathtub – the orgasmic energy doesn’t escape, but sloshes up and down my body, giving me after-shocks of increasing intensity. Which leads to more orgasms! I found myself more wrung out by the fifth orgasm than I would normally be after five ejaculations – and gulped down the electrolytes like I’d been working out. That was something!


Best overall session of the week

Tuesday: Because of various travels, m’Lady and I hadn’t been able to Skype for three weeks. So when we spent nearly the entire session with me strumming my clitar while zie watched in pleasure (and then took hir own pleasure), it was intense, and hot, and orgasmic. There was a lot of orgasms, and a good number were without ejaculation (and a good number were, too). It was marvellous to reconnect with m’Lady in such a primal and sexual fashion – and I think both of us would have happily continued for longer…



Sharing the Self-Love

I’m not the only one doing something special for May Masturbation Month:

~ Jilly was going to rebel by not polishing her pearl for the entire month. Er … that didn’t quite happen, but it was a great idea!

~ Kazi is a very naughty nurse – endorsing self-love for good health, perhaps?

~ Jack and Jill are doing what I did back in 2008: wank once a day (each) for the entire month. Go team!

~ Fox in the Flowers is taking time to learn what works for her.

~ Vincent and Mia are doing Masturbation Monday posts – here are the first two.


More knowledge

How well do you know your masturbation history, knowledge, and information? I didn’t know it as well as I thought – in this great Masturbation Quiz from About.com, I only go 50%! Can you do better?

There’s also Fleshbot’s Masturbation Month Pop Quiz, which is considerably more, shall we say, irreverent?  (I got 100% for this one, though!)


Play along!

And last but not least: a great compilation of masturbation. Enjoy!

Good Intense screaming orgasms compilation brought to you by Tube8;

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3 Responses to “A brief break from wanking to bring you an update”

  1. Carol Anne Caiafa
    May 12th, 2012 @ 10:44 am

    Usually I do like your recommendations. But right now I have to say no to that Paul Christian dude.

    Isn’t the point of saying yes to what we do want, being able to say NO to what we don’t want?

    He says he doesn’t care about women having girlfriends. It seems that being a man is enough to make any woman want him. Does that apply to a woman who has a WIFE, too?

    I’m a woman and I wouldn’t want ANY man in a million years. I respect the commitments people have made to others. But if we live in an environment where sexual preferences are respected, us lesbians expect the same respect as Mr Christian expects from his choices. And that means being expected to have NO respected as much as YES.

  2. Dee
    May 14th, 2012 @ 11:20 pm

    To be fair Carol, it’s not necessarily a recommended book – I need to finish reading it first! But it was the media that hit my buttons the most this week, masturbation-wise.

    I have very wide-ranging tastes in my erotica reading. This particular book, from the three chapters I have read, seems to be very hetero-oriented, D/s, and somewhat ‘woman you can give up the power now and relax the MAN is in charge’. Given that it’s coming from that direction, I don’t think that Paul Christian is really aiming to appeal to you as a reader. Or even me, necessarily. It may be that the ‘mommy porn’ market that’s falling all over 50 Shades of Grey will appreciate something that is actually a bit better written …

    The statement being made in that opening chapter, the one which you commented on in particular, was (IMO), more about putting the reader into a certain headspace than abbout suggesting that there is no choice to be had. (I personally had more issues with ‘ripe and fertile’ – because I sure as eggs ain’t the latter! That pulled me right out of what I was reading.)

    Still, I am really glad you commented – and I hope you read the full review of the book, when I’ve finished my read of it :)

    xx Dee

  3. Carol Anne Caiafa
    May 15th, 2012 @ 12:29 pm

    I agree, Mr. Christian probably isn’t envisaging me as a reader – or you – with his story. I agree with you about the “ripe and fertile” bit – very much in the same boat with you there.

    What really got to me about him is the fact that he seems to be assuming a sort of “universalism” – I don’t know if that’s the right term – about his own preferences. A sort of “well others are tolerated but they’re still a bit – well – weird” kind of vibe. Whereas I see, if you’re not into kids or animals (fantasy sci-fi tentacled beasties aside, of course) – there’s nothing weird about it! What bothers me about the prevalence of maledom/femsub hetero erotica is that it’s seen as some sort of Golden Standard for the rest of us. This article kind of explains it – you may have already read it but it explains things a lot better than what I could:


    I don’t want to come across as some kind of humourless, PC feminist type. Hell, I find Rammstein’s song “Pussy” absolutely hilarious… but I just want to make the point that I’ll happily be inclusive of the other side if they’ll be genuinely inclusive of me too… I won’t make passes at the ladies they love if they’ll extend the same courtesy to me!


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