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I was completely tangled up in my own arousal. I’d been horny all day, incredibly turned on, wanked twice already, teased at dinner.

Now, my clothes shucked off, I slipped against the satin sheets and rubbed against his latex-covered skin. My body was overflowing with the pulsing of blood in my ears and dampness in my cunt. My nipples, usually too sensitive for play, I rubbed and angled towards his mouth. Full of desire. Wrapped in it.

He latches on, sucking and pulling on nub and aureole, digging in with teeth and pressing with tongue. Capturing and twisting the other, flicking fingertips across it. Making me squirm, and press harder into him.

Then, his mouth coming up to bite my lips. His hand sliding down to lightly – too lightly – dip into my hot jungle, to slip and slide and tease, and then tease my clit some more. Touching me the way I touch myself, but more. The world is slick with my juices, steaming up the atmosphere.

I’m tangled up in my arousal, and trying to hold off orgasming. Trying not to drench the sheets with a deep groaning wash of release. Rolled off to one side, twisting my own nipples, while he puts towels down. Confused when he lies on them, instead of me.

It’s effective – I am surprised by the surprise. Soon I am kneeling either side of his face, arse on his chest, thighs against his ears, cunt pressing into his mouth and chin. Feeling the delicious scratch on stubble on labia, and then lost in the rocking motion of tongue and mouth.

I want to lean forward on the headboard – but that would lead to suffocation. Instead I sit back on my heels, trying not to overbalance, and watch him watching me until I am inexorably tipped over the edge by his deliberate and determined ministrations below.

Falling overboard into the wash of orgasm.

After aeons of tidal release I am rescued. Thrown a line. Dragged back aboard and towelled off. Wrapped in desire and adoration and arousal. Kissed thoroughly.

I relax, recover, lie back and watch as he stands to cover his genitals with thick heavy black rubber. I continue to pull on my nipples, thinking that soon I will be fucking myself on him, or letting him do the work. Wanting that hard alien-yet-familiar delicious large cock inside, a life-line.

I continue my recovery on the towels, and pull him down onto me. Into me. Feel the unfamiliar firmlatexrubbershaft sucked into my hot cunt. I sniff at his hair as strands fall across my face, wrap himself in my arms and press him onto my breasts, my belly, myself. I drown him in me.

As we move in a deep, slippery, hot rhythm, each thrust and pull unwinds me. Untangles me. Unknots the knots I was unaware of.

And when they are all undone, after rolls of orgasms have rushed through me, one more rises. It fills me to overspill, and I bury my face in his long hair, inhale the smells of shampoo and latex and arousal. I lose myself in everything that is him, and I tense and gush and cry out.

I am still shuddering when he does the same, pushed over by my tidal wave. He clenches, tightens his hold of me, and comes in long slow spurts which are caught by rubber but still felt by me as an entire body spasm. Collapsing, pressing himself into my arms, he sighs. We both sigh, and smile.

We are both unravelled. Wrapped in each other, but untangled from the world.

And completely, thoroughly, fucked.

Originally posted March 2010.

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