Sodom: Well Stocked

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What do you want? At Sodom everyone knows what you want – or what you think you want – it’s why you’re all there. Still, you don’t always get it. Chances are pretty high, instead, that you’ll get what you need.


The evening wasn’t going quite as Linus had planned. True, Caroline had looked good enough to fuck, all wide-eyed in her cage; and sliding that heavy metal plug into her arse beforehand had made his cock hard and wanting. But knowing that the person who’d stopped by the cage to talk to her was the owner of Sodom – the Doyenne – someone he’d never seen in all his visits, was somewhat disconcerting. Why now? Why her? Was it a good sign?

It was something to think about – but it could wait for later. Right now there was a certain arse to plunder.  It was coming up to midnight – and there was plenty more of the club for his slut to be introduced to in the next few hours.


Thanking Jake for both the drinks and the information, Linus picked up his toybag and led Caroline from the bar area. Caroline didn’t know where they were going, but Linus did – he took her past the cage (he watched her eyes follow it with a smile), beyond the fully occupied sofas, and over to the wooden stocks.  They were a well-used piece of equipment, and the patina had been worn smooth in the valleys where the wrists and neck rested. Linus’ personal preference was to pad those spots, so that his ‘victim’ would be comfortable – there, at least – for longer.  Which meant his pet had a job to do.

“Pet, see that basket over by the wall? Give me your drink, and then go and bring me three of the rolled towels from there.”  He held Caroline’s gin and tonic in his right hand, and drained his Corona with his left. He was going to be needing his hands free very shortly.  He watched Caroline detour around a kneeling bench where a latex pony was having his tail braided, her plugged bottom swaying as her bare feet padded towards the basket. There were actually two – one basket with unused, rolled up towels, and another where the discards were placed. He was confident she could figure out which was which.

As she returned, he placed both drinks on the shelf, and proceeded to lift the latch hook at the end of the stocks. It could be padlocked, but he’s already made the decision not to do so this time. Lifting the upper stock board, he swung it up so it rested vertically. “Thank you, my slut,” he said, as she presented three dark red towels to him.  He took the first one, unrolling it and then refolding it into a pad, which he placed in the neck groove. He then did the same with the wrist grooves.

“Can you guess what we’re going do to now?” he asked.  He was pleased to see her eyes sparkle.



He permitted her a mouthful of her gin and tonic before placing her head and arms into the stocks. He brought the stock board down carefully, making sure it didn’t pinch skin or catch hair – although the holes were wide enough that it was unlikely.  Her legs were flat on the floor, and he nudged her knees apart, not too gently.

“Don’t hide your cunt and arse from me, Caroline.” He put an emphasis on her name that made it clear he was unimpressed. “You should know better than that. You’re in the stocks for my pleasure, and it is not my pleasure for you to hide.” Despite standing behind her, he knew that she would be blushing. He also knew she was turned on by this. He could smell her arousal.

“Now, you have a choice – but choose wisely. Do you wish to keep your glasses on, and see everyone who is watching you? Do you wish your glasses off, so it’s all a blur? Or would you rather be blindfolded?”

He waited. He genuinely didn’t know what she was going to answer – but he would make any answer work for him.

She finally answered, in a small questioning voice: “Blindfolded, please Sir?”

Yes, he could work with that.


She looked utterly beautiful. Blindfolded, head high, breasts deliciously dangling, arse presented, legs firm.  For a bonus, because they both loved rope so much, he’d tied her ankles to the base of the stocks, so she’d keep those legs apart.

And she had no idea what he was going to do next.  So of course he started simply. He took a feather tickler from his toybag, and teased those nipples poking down into the air. Linus deliberately refrained from touching her anywhere else. Just kept his distance, going flick! flick! flick! and watching her squirm and twist. Should couldn’t get away – her torso could only move so far, and then he just teased again.

He slipped up to her head, and leaned down to her ear. “It’s so much fun watching other people touch you, my slut.”  He chuckled, and knew he was very glad indeed she’d chosen the blindfold.

He ran a hand down her back, then slapped upwards across her arsecheeks – in exactly the way he normally didn’t. Up one cheek, down the other. Watching her lift on her toes and wriggle in the stocks. Seeing the plug wink as she clenched around it. Feeling the heat of her bottom as he warmed it with his hands. He kept spanking, until she began to yelp. Which was exactly what he wanted. A few more slaps, and then he moved back around to her head.

“Did you like being hit by him?” he growled. “He’s had his eye on you. Maybe I’ll let him fuck your arse, later.” He delighted in her whimper, and in the heavy aroma of her cunt juices.

Now that gave him wicked thoughts…

Back to her backside, and he roughly pushed three fingers of his left hand into her cunt. She was sodden, dripping, and he pulled back out to add another finger, then slam his thumb onto her clit. He rubbed hard, no sweetness and gentleness here, but his right hand gave the lie to that, slowly twisting the metal plug in her arse, feeling the slide and the tease. Oh yes. This was why he’d had to have her. This was why he’d wanted to bring her. This was why he was showing her off.

He really did want to see her well fucked while he watched. But right now he wanted to plunder her deeply. So, pulling his left hand free with a sucking pop (she moaned as he did), he then, more gently, let go of the plug. Stepping back, leaving her untouched, he watched her undulate, pushing her arse and cunt back toward whomever she believed it was, while he casually undressed. He folded his shirt and pants neatly, putting them on top of the toybag, with a small bag that he’d pulled from his pocket placed on top of the pile.

He then padded silently back to stand behind her.


She was panting. Moaning. “Please. Please?”  Oh, he would please. But himself. Her too – she loved it as well. But that was just lucky, really.

He slapped her arse again, hard. One cheek and then the other, and then again, bang bang bang bang. And she shrieked in surprise, he grabbed the end of the plug and pulled it free with a smooth twist, and turned to place it in the small bag.

He turned back and smiled. There was that lovely arse, gaping and inviting and red-cheeked and all his. Picking up the bottle of silicone lubricant from the shelf, he proceeded to judiciously inject some down that slutty arsehole, and then, after putting on a condom, slather some more on his cock – his very hard cock. The clench and cry of surprise at the cold lube touching unsuspecting skin had made him smile a cruel smile, but it didn’t deter him in the slightest. She knew what was coming now.

Which meant, of course, that he surprised her.

He stepped around to her side again, used one hand to pull and twist and maul her tit, and leaned in to growl at her. “You’re about to get fucked, now. And there’s quite a line. I hope you can take it, slut.”

He didn’t miss her dazed smile, her imminent orgasm, as he squeezed and pummelled and pulled. He was certain it remained as he curled his left hand back into her cunt and felt her spasming around his fingers. And he knew that she was in her element – just as he was – as he positioned himself behind her and slid his cock into that most welcoming orifice.



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5 Responses to “Sodom: Well Stocked”

  1. Tethys
    May 3rd, 2012 @ 11:15 pm

    Fuuuck! So /very/ hot!

  2. Hylas
    May 4th, 2012 @ 4:40 pm

    Ah, quoting the great philosopher Jagger, I see… :)

  3. SexEnthusiast
    May 4th, 2012 @ 6:23 pm

    Hot Hot Hot! Thank’s for sharing :)

  4. Kiwiana
    May 6th, 2012 @ 7:25 pm

    *pant* *Drool* *sigh*

  5. Dee
    May 7th, 2012 @ 11:40 am

    Given that writing this chapter got me really hot (I went and wanked after I’d finished it), I’m glad it worked for all of you as well!

    xx Dee


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