Hitting the Doldrums

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vintage photo female dildo masturbationIt’s been a difficult week in the Wankfest 2012 challenge. The masturbation has continued, but not at the joyous thrice-daily level that I have been achieving up to this point – Apollo had a bad cold last weekend and passed it on to me (alas!) – this after I successfully avoided catching Ailuros’.  However being sick meant from Monday my energy levels began to drop precipitously, and some days this week only saw one session of wanking, as it was all I could manage.  Rule 1 from my Title Deed then came into effect (‘Dee must care for her own physical, mental and emotional health’), which overrode everything else, including the challenge rules. Hence I am only masturbating as much as I am able to do so, which is okay with m’Lady – if not necessarily okay with me.

Which is why that rule is number one – to make sure I do look after myself!

Still, it’s funny how my perceptions have changed. I feel that for myself, now, wanking only once a day is failure – even knowing that it’s all I can manage physically. Which is kinda funny when that was as much as I did for the 2008 and 2010 challenges!  As of today, however, I seem to slowly be on the way back up with my energy levels. I am hopeful of wanking twice today, and seeing how I go tomorrow.



Best fantasy of the week

Friday: Apollo and I went out for our anniversary dinner last Friday night, to celebrate six years of being civilly unioned. We went to a lovely local Mediterranean restaurant (there was belly dancing, even), but it was the waitress who really caught my eye – she was quite lovely, and it was her expressive face that particularly appealed to me.  Apollo knew I was eyeing her, and was amused at how there is always someone whom I find beautiful.

So when it came time for my final masturbation session of the night, it was her I thought of. In particular I thought of how lovely woman-on-woman sex is, how long it’s been since I had warm wriggling umami cunt for my mouth to feast upon; how delicious it is to press breast upon breast, nuzzle lips together and chuckle at the way skin slides just so. It was her smile I lingered over and my hands danced down below; her braid, my thoughts on my fingers nimbly unravelling her hair and how her eyes would sparkle as I unbuttoned her clothing. I thought of how she would blush when I gazed at her lovely bottom and ran my hands across her waist.

I thought of how I would fuck her with my fingers and my tongue and my hands and my words. And I thought of how we would laugh together, before we’d even exchanged names.

I came hard, five times, making no mess – which pleased me. And then I rolled over and told Apollo we were definitely eating there again.


Best location of the week

Monday: Gotta love bed. I’ve been in bed most of the week. It’s warm and it’s comfortable.  There’s my pump-bottle of ID Glide water-based lubricant right there. The erotica bookshelf is in the room. The sheets can be covering me, or flung off.

Sometimes there’s a cat next to me, or at my feet. Very occasionally one will decide sitting right on my chest is the place to be (silly cat). But bed is still damned comfortable. I love bed. It’s great!


Best toy of the week

Sunday: The previous week Hylas bought for me two new MaxPassion glass dildos. The one called Izabal, which is bumpy, is just delicious! The head hits the g-spot very nicely indeed, and the shaft isn’t quite as large as one of my other glass toys, but still girthy enough to feel good. And those ridges? Yum.

curvaceousdee glass dildo masturbation


Best media of the week

Wednesday: I can thank m’Lady for putting me onto this one – zie recommended that if I ever came across a copy of ‘Emmanuelle 2‘ – as in, the book – that I should grab it! I have seen only one of the Emmanuelle movies (Emmanuelle in Space: A World of Desire, which I do not recommend),so I had to take her at her word that the book would be better, but I am glad I did. Because this book, quite aside from being very, very hot, is also giving me loads of food for thought.  I keep 3M tags by the bed, as well as in my handbag and at the computer, and almost immediately started to mark passages.

“‘As a woman, your love for yourself quite certainly is a fitting preoccupation. But you are a goddess, as well: therefore the well-being of others has to be an equal concern of yours.'” (page 13)

This, about exhibitionism, voyeurism, shame:

“‘The important thing is not that you get naked, but that you are seen naked; not that you cry out with pleasure, but that you can be heard; not that you count your lovers. but that he can count them; not that your own eyes have been opened to the truth of loving love, but that that other one, who is still groping about amongst his own chimeras, and in his own night, may discover, by seeing you, that there is no other light, and see your gestures testify to the face that there is no other beauty.’” (p15)

Not only is this book, by Emmanuelle Arsan, giving me a lot to chew on, but it also has some very hot sexual scenes. I’ve already masturbated twice to it as I read my way through the Embassy orgy – and I’m likely to do a fair bit more as I continue through the book.


Best orgasm(s) of the week

Saturday: Unsurprisingly, this was before the cold joined the party.  Technically this one was Sunday morning, but it was before I went to bed! I’d been out, had my arse flogged, and come home to wind down with a cup of tea and a wank before bed. Apollo was sick and fast asleep, so I decided that wanking in the lounge was the way to go so that I wouldn’t disturb him. m’Lady had emailed me a few days earlier with a link to a story on Literotica which zie thought I would find arousing – and zie was right! While the link was only to the third (and final) chapter, I read the entirety of it, let my fingers do the polishing, felt my cheeks burn every time I clenched, and had an orgasmic time. All that flogging had definitely worked me up…


Best overall session of the week

Sunday: Sunday afternoon was very relaxed – and it was lovely. I hung out in bed with the last book in the ‘Lost Girls‘ trilogy, had my Lelo Siri rollercoasting on my clit, and didn’t do any work at all – just read and orgasmed and read and orgasmed. It was an hour and an half of quiet (and loud) blissfulness.

Just what the doctor ordered, you know? So I may have to do that again tomorrow.



I’m too tired to write much else. But if you’re curious, here’s some more (some of it seriously disturbing) history about masturbation, and how some people thought it was horrid, and how it’s related to breakfast cereals.


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