Bring on the wanks

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It’s that time of year again – May is International Masturbation Month! In 2008 I challenged myself to wank every day in May, and blogged about it as I went. It was exhausting, but worth it! In 2010 I did it again, but upped the ante by not reusing any toy or product (or even my fingers, more than once) in the quest for self-pleasure.

It’s 2012, and this this seems to be becoming a bit of a biannual tradition …

This time it’s a little bit different. Because I am now happily owned by m’Lady Tethys, this was something I asked hir about – might I have permission to use my cunt to orgasm every day for the month? Well, permission was given – but I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into, because Tethys has given me some wickedly challenging rules to follow!

Wankfest 2012 Rules

1: Dee is to engage in three masturbation sessions daily, of at least fifteen minutes each. Each session is to be at least three hours apart (starting from day 3 – although there were three orgasms on days one and two as well). Orgasm from masturbation is not guaranteed – being allowed to come is dependant on m’Lady’s whim.

2: Out of the three sessions daily, one must involve ejaculation control training (failure will not be penalised, however). Dee is to have five orgasms during that session, and attempt to not ejaculate each time.

3: A spreadsheet is to be kept detailing all sessions – date, time, location, any toys used, fantasies, etc. Like previous spreadsheets (2008, 2010), it will be available for anyone to view.

4: A blog post detailing how the month is proceeding will go up each Friday in May, and the first Friday in June.

m’Lady has also reserved the right to add more rules as zie chooses to. Meep!

I’ve already had to wash two loads of sex towels, recharge one sex toy, drink three loads of electrolytes, and get annoyed at a certain cat who thinks sitting on my tits is a good place to be when I’m wanking … and it’s only May the fourth. Yes, it’s going to be a very entertaining month indeed :)


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