Sodom: Good pony

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All kinks are welcome in Sodom. While the focus of the club is on all things anal, the Doyenne enjoys inviting a variety of guests whose desires and fetishes keep things … interesting. 


Trotting across the main floor of Sodom, his head held high, Stanis was focused predominately on pleasing his trainer. When he was in pony-space, Anneke was always first and foremost in his thoughts, and that was as it should be. She held the lead, and he had given her his pony-soul long ago. But his brain could never turn off the multi-tasking, and so he was also aware of how his tail swished against the back of his knees, how his buttocks clenched around the large silicone plug with every step he took, and the delightful clack that his metal hoofs made against the floor. As he moved toward the bar, he also noticed his teeth pressing against the rubber bit in his mouth, the sweat pooling inside the latex costuming his thighs, the press of his harness against his groin. For the most part, though, he was aware of Anneke, and of the eyes on him.

He came to a stop where he’d been instructed. Whickering around his bit, he stood still, not turning to his trainer. Chin tucked down, he wondered who’d been looking at him. Maybe the cage girl, the one who’d shown so much shy interest when his tail was put in place earlier? He thought maybe so.  He felt Anneke’s hand stroking his cheek, and he pressed into it. “There’s my good boy,” she crooned. “What a very good pony you are.”


Anneke was indeed pleased with her pony – so much so that she wanted to show him off some more. Rather than stay at the bar to water and groom him, as she’d originally planned, she instead clicked her tongue – a signal to Stanis that it was time to walk – at the same time giving a gentle tug on the right rein, signalling him to turn in that direction.  She was pleased with his response. His head lifted promptly, and he turned to the right, walking briskly.

As they passed the sofas, it was time for something new. To see if he remembered his training, Anneke said clearly, “High step!” Stanis swept from a walk to instead lifting his legs high with each step – something she knew he’d never done with a plug in before. She was pleased to see that aside from a minor hesitation at the apex of the first step, he did very well indeed. He looked very elegant doing so, as well. She continued his high-stepping until they reached the far end of the floor, then called “Stop.”

Oh, but he was a good pony!


He was really feeling that plug now. Stanis had no idea that high-stepping could make him so aware of his ass; every time he’d lifted a hoof he’d had to clench his buttocks tight to keep his tail firmly in place! And every time he’d clenched, his cock had gotten ideas, pressing and straining against the rubber that encased his groin.  He had an idea that ponies weren’t supposed to get this turned on just from walking. And yet.


Anneke knew very well what high-stepping with a large plug would do to a pony. She also knew that Stanis also knew, now. That minor hesitation on the first high step had given it away – and she was mightily impressed to have only seen it once.   So she thought it was definitely time for her pony to have a reward.

“You are such a good pony, my lovely pony boy.” She scritched his head, smiling at him. “You’ve been so good that I’m going to braid your tail for you.” One of the spanking benches was at this end of the floor, and was free. She’d deliberately aimed them towards it, and now she sat down upon it. “Here, you stand still, legs just a little apart like that.”

She took his tail between her hands. Grasping it near the base of the plug, she gave it a gentle tug, and felt him gasp. “Now, pony, we’re going to play a braiding game as well, okay?” She paused. “As I am braiding your tail, I am going to treat you by getting you to clench your buttocks. Every time I say ‘good pony’ you are to clench for me, then whinny. Do you understand me? Good pony.” She waited, then felt through the tail as he clenched. Then she heard an uncertain whinny come from him.

“That’s it! Good pony.” She was approving. A moment, and he clenched, and whinnied again.

Smiling, she began to braid his tail.


Stanis was having trouble thinking. His whole world was down to Anneke’s voice saying “Good pony.” To his cock, feeling painfully hard and vulcanised. And to the the insistent tug of the plug as his tail was braided; the intensity of clenching as she complimented him; his whinny.

“Yes, you’re my good pony.”



“Such a good pony.”


She braided slowly, intently. He was her good pony, and Anneke was very proud of him and how he’d behaved this evening. She wondered, as she murmured, and he clenched and whinnied, if Stanis had realised she was going to keep this up until he popped.

His whinnies were getting louder. She didn’t think he realised that, either.

“My pretty pony, so very pretty. My good pony.”

Soon, now.


Cock hard. Ass full. Whinnies loud. Voice commanding. “Come NOW!”

Stanis’ head was back, his mouth open and straining, his cock spurting into the rubber that sheathed his body.  His ass clenched and shuddered, his hooves stamped. He snorted.

He shook.

Anneke stroked his flanks, rubbed his limbs, caressed his face. She kissed his nose, and smiled at him when he opened his eyes and blinked.

“Oh, but you are such a good pony!”


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6 Responses to “Sodom: Good pony”

  1. Hylas
    March 16th, 2012 @ 12:10 am

    Yay for rubber ponies with lovely tail plugs! :)

  2. Dee
    March 19th, 2012 @ 10:06 am

    I thought you might like that, pet :)

    xx Dee

  3. Carol Anne Caiafa
    March 24th, 2012 @ 6:41 am

    Very pretty!

  4. Dee
    March 27th, 2012 @ 9:35 am

    Thank you, as always, for reading and commenting! It’s a pleasure to have you here, Carol Anne :)

    xx Dee

  5. Kiwiana
    March 30th, 2012 @ 1:44 pm

    That was a pleasure to read.
    XO K

  6. Dee
    April 2nd, 2012 @ 6:06 pm

    Remind you of anybody, Kiwiana?

    xx Dee


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