Mmm, the kissage!

Posted on | March 6, 2012 | 2 Comments |

I like Ailuros for a lot of reasons. He’s kinky. He’s extraordinarily nice to perve at. He cooks for me! And he is one of the best kissers I’ve had the pleasure of making out with.

So … we have been spending a considerable amount of time doing so. Kissing on the couch. Kissing on the balcony. Kissing at the club. Kissing in bed.  Kissing while we fuck. Yesterday, kissing in the shade of a big tree in the park, near my work.

If there weren’t other things I have to do in life – pee, sleep, write my blog posts – I’d happily do nothing but kiss him for hours. The kissing is that good.

I kiss those lips. Lucky me!

All of which left me baffled when he told me that his previous partner thought he was a terrible kisser. Funnily enough, that gave him quite the complex (no wonder I had to take the initiative with the kissing to start with …).  Being told that you slobber, in that tone of voice, isn’t exactly going to make you feel great.

So it was Dee to the rescue! Aside from showing him that’s he a good kisser (by making out a whole heck of a lot), I’ve also told him. And in telling him, I’ve also given him the reasons why I’m worth listening to on this topic. I’ve kissed a whole lot of people. I really like to kiss.* I like to make new kissing friends.  And I like to find out how different people kiss differently. I know, in my experienced opinion, what makes a good kiss, and what makes a not-so-good kiss.  And in my opinion? His were excellent right from the start!

*Not everyone does, you know. Hylas? Not a big fan of kissing. Which is just fine – although he’ll often catch me off-guard and liiiiiiiick the hell out my face. Guess why he’s my pet?

Kissing with Ailuros has a lot of give and take. I’m not just kissing him; he’s not just kissing me – we’re kissing together. It’s wide open-mouthed, with exploring tongues, and nipping of teeth. Suckling on lips, devolving into sucking and biting (that can be a battle, bearing down while the other whimpers in pleasure). Tongues doing a very dirty dance together.  Our kissing isn’t neat and polite and tidy. We are messy, aroused, lost in each other.  I’ll capture that luscious lower lip and suckle it; he’ll steal it back and then take my own bottom lip in turn. My tongue will tease its way around his teeth while his chases after, and then they’ll dance in the space our mouths create together.

Okay, now I’m distracted…

  Fucking hot mouth.

 I may not see Ailuros all that often – sometimes a few times in a week; sometimes not for a fortnight. But when we do, there’s always kissing. It’s very, very hot, and always extremely good.

And well worth capturing in words.

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2 Responses to “Mmm, the kissage!”

  1. Kiwiana
    March 7th, 2012 @ 6:08 pm

    Kissing you is great Dee, I am glad you have made so much effort to help out Alluros in overcoming his inhibitions about his kissing style… he sounds awesome!

  2. Dee
    March 8th, 2012 @ 8:04 pm

    He is very awesome, and his kissing just reflects that awesomeness! Your kissing is pretty awesome too, hon. It’s been too long since I had some of it :)

    xx Dee


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