Sodom: Jake

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If Sodom is a mystery, a fantasy spread on the wings of rumor, then the owner of Sodom is even more so. Only the staff of Sodom know anything about this strange person – and they’re highly unlikely to share any information. Oh, you might get to converse with them, if you’re lucky. But will you find out their name, their history? Will you find out why Sodom is, or how it came to be? Will you, really, find out anything at all?

Probably not. Maybe that’s just as well. Be satisfied you’re in the club at all.


Jake walked across the main floor of Sodom, his tool belt clanking. He echoed with each step, the noises rebounding back and forth across the empty space. He was quite used to the emptiness – he saw the club this way more often than not. But in just a few hours it would be filled with bodies, and he looked forward, as always, to seeing the contrast.

It was time for one last check on all the equipment. Jake always made sure that everything was in good working order, safe and oiled and tight. It pleased him to know that people were safe in their debauchery. He checked it all again after the night was over, and did any required repairs during the week – but a final check was always smart.

He began with the cage. It was one of his favourite places, and he spent a lot of time in there when he wasn’t on-shift. Being in the cage – lying, sitting, kneeling or crouching – always made him feel safe. Especially when the owner locked him in. That was definitely a treat, and he knew he’d been doing a particularly good job to earn it.  He ran his hands over each bar from bottom to top to check that there were no burrs to catch flesh. He swung the door open and inspected both the hinges and the latch. With the door open, he stuck his head inside to run his eye over the padding on the bottom of the cage as well. Everything was looking good, so he reversed back out and closed the door. Important to keep things neat and tidy.

Walking past the padded sofa and chair, he headed next for the stocks. They were always extremely popular, given how they placed the buttocks at a convenient height. Unlike the metal of the cage, the stocks were well-worn wood, but he still ran his hands over them to check there had been no splintering. Where the wrists and head rested was rounded with space for padding or towels and he checked those areas extra-carefully. And where the latch hooked at the end, he snapped and unsnapped it experimentally.

Jake also crouched and checked the supports on the ground, and how it stood. Was it solid? He lent on it. No wobbling, which was good – and neither should it, after he’d shored it up just a few months back. Onto the next piece.

The kneeling benches also saw heavy use – usually for sport fucking and fisting. There were three of them, all slightly different, and he moved his way around them testing legs and buckles, straps, and restraining rings.  Because they were foldable, he also made sure they were securely opened and snapped into place, and that they wouldn’t close unexpectedly – the last thing anyone wanted was their furniture to collapse beneath them!

Finally, bringing Jake almost back to where he’d started, there was the cross. This was a permanent fixture, and rarely needed adjusting. It also saw the most BDSM use, along with anal play. The advantage of being able to tie people standing up – there was lots of room to flog them as well as fuck them – as he’d discovered for himself! He smiled at the memory as he worked to tighten a bolt.

At last, he was done. He walked back around the bar, counted the padlocks there – one for the cage, one for the stocks, one for space, one key attached to each, one spare of each key on the drawer – and then took off his tool belt and hung it on the hook in the cupboard. Everything in its place. He then put on his waist apron and began to check the drink stocks. While every patron only received two drinks (a very sensible rule, he’d always thought), it was important to ensure that everything they wanted was in place and ready.

Jake loved working at Sodom. He loved tending bar, and he loved tending furniture. Most of all, he loved being tended to by the owner. Yes, that made it all worthwhile.



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3 Responses to “Sodom: Jake”

  1. Hylas
    February 3rd, 2012 @ 12:47 pm

    Staff with such great attention to detail are special indeed. :)

  2. Carol Anne Caiafa
    February 4th, 2012 @ 5:43 am

    Lovely! And still working on that review for you. <3

  3. Dee
    February 6th, 2012 @ 5:29 pm

    Such staff are a most special find. Sodom has five staff of that calibre… of which I’m sure you’ll find out more later!

    xx Dee


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