Sodom: Comfort levels

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The owner of Sodom values privacy highly. The staff of Sodom do as well. There are six of them, and they all found their way through, shall we say, unusual circumstances.   Six is all you need for Sodom, when it’s only open once a week.  Of course, just because it’s closed the rest of the time doesn’t mean it’s not in use…


Leaning against the bar, Linus watched his pet. More specifically, he watched the magnificent arse of Caroline as it pressed hard up against the bars of the cage she was in.  She’d only been in there about ten minutes at this point, but going by the wriggles and tremors of her buttocks she was definitely enjoying herself as she watched the crowd on the main floor.

While Linus had visited Sodom many times over the years, this was his first visit with Caroline in attendance. He had many plans for her this evening; her time in the cage, with her metal plug in her arse, was just the beginning. He was well aware how overwhelming Sodom could all be for those not used to it, so he had carefully designed how he was going to acclimatise his pet to the sights and sounds, the excitement and the seductions of the club.


They arrived through the discreet main entrance, and were greeted by Klementina in the small atrium. Even though she knew Linus well, Tina checked his invitation carefully and made sure his name was on the list. She also scrutinised Caroline’s invitation, and after finding her name on the list as well, ran briefly through the important information:

“These are your drink tickets. You only get two alcoholic drinks per person for the entire evening. Don’t give your tickets to anyone else. Your tickets are numbered, and we will know if someone else uses them. Feel free not to use them – just give them to Jake at the bar if that’s the case.

“There’s no limit on non-alcoholic drinks. Water, juice, soft-drinks, you name it. Be sure to keep your fluids up if you’re planning on playing hard.

“Sodom also provides towels, condoms, dentals dams, gloves and lubricant for all our patrons. There are two floors and there’s always at least one staff member around on each floor. You’ll be able to spot them by the S-shaped armband.” At this she paused and showed Caroline the heavy silver armband she had running around her upper left bicep. The light caught and reflected off it.  “If you need anything, or require assistance, just ask them. That’s what they’re there for.

“Linus has been here before, so he can give you the tour of the facilities, furniture, and possibilities. The main thing is to always ask consent before touching or playing with someone – and be safe and have fun!”

With that, she led them to another door, and Caroline her first glimpse of Sodom.


As Linus had expected, she’d been overwhelmed. He’d taken her around both floors, showing her first the main area with all the furniture, the bar, and then the second floor with the play areas and smaller rooms. While the evening was young and there weren’t too many guests there, he knew that for one unused to Sodom, it would be a shock for her.  So it was no surprise when in the last of the small bedrooms she came into his arms, shivering. “I don’t think I can do this, Sir. There’s so many people!”  So he’d closed the door, soothing and petting her, biting her shoulders and raking her back. And slowly, deliberately, turning her on. Arousing his slut.

So when he bent his slut over the bed and lubricated her arse, she arched her back and pressed back onto his fingers.

When he pulled out the heavy metal plug from his toybag and ran it down her spine, she shivered and growled and tossed her head in high spirits.

And when he slid it all the way deep inside in one long slow inexorable insertion, she took it all with a low moan of pleasure and delight.

That’s his pet!


So now he leans against the bar. He’s turned in his first ticket to Jake and is enjoying a Corona with lime – but not enjoying its coolness nearly as much as he’s enjoying the heat of Caroline’s arse over there in the cage. He knows how much she’ll be yearning to see, now he’s taken the ability away from her (glasses tucked nearly into his shirt pocket). He’s pondering how long to leave her in there, when he notices someone stop to talk to her. Not someone he immediately recognises, although they look vaguely familiar.  Whoever they were, they dressed elegantly – they wouldn’t look out of place at the opera.

Linus was still trying to place the vaguely familiar face when they did the unthinkable – touching without asking. In this case – smacking his pet’s arse through the bars of the cage. Not the done thing at all, and he would definitely be making a complaint about that! However, it was Caroline was more concerned about, and he was on his feet and making his way over to her swiftly.

Only to find, as he came around to face her, that her eyes were closed and she was … was that a smile?

Unimpressed, he put his hand through the bars and lifted her chin. “So, my pet. Care to tell me what you managed to see with your eyes closed?”



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3 Responses to “Sodom: Comfort levels”

  1. Kiwiana
    February 10th, 2012 @ 7:09 pm

    Goose-pimples! and that was just the introduction… xxoo K

  2. Carol Anne Caiafa
    February 11th, 2012 @ 9:40 am

    Thanks for this! The dynamics of Sodom are intriguing. I especially like the expectation that consent is needed before touching or playing with someone. That thankfully implies that there would not be the tiresome double standard I have come across in real life where lesbians are supposed to “make exceptions” for men who desire them, while heterosexual cis males are not expected to do anything similar… or is that only the internet where such behavior occurs? I’m happy to report I haven’t met anyone in the flesh who behaves in such a manner, but online… argh, it’s commonplace. I don’t tend to engage with online klnk communities as a result. Maybe all the sayings about the internet and its effects on human behaviour have a lot of weight to the,\m.

    Still working on the dildo review, should have something satisfactory soon. And do keep writing this, it’s awesome!

  3. Dee
    February 13th, 2012 @ 10:18 am

    I am delighted you’re both still reading and commenting!

    Sodom is a very special club – and a lot of what may be acceptable elsewhere certainly isn’t here. People are only invited after very careful vetting, rules are clearly stated and adhered to, and if you break them … well! Which is why it’s such a mystery overall. If it was well-known and open to all, then it probably wouldn’t be half-so-easy to keep running smoothly.

    xx Dee


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