Sodom: It’s a date

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It didn’t look like much from the outside – places like Sodom usually didn’t. But once you had entered, it was a different world. The club had two floors, and within that space it encompassed wide shared areas for play and voyeurism and smaller rooms for more intimate play. There was also space for suspension, areas for tie-downs, take-downs, soft floors for orgies, sofas for time out – and, of course, areas where you could sit and relax. But nothing was particularly particular. The only hard and fast rule was a limit on drinking: two maximum per night.  Where was the fun in an arse plundering if you couldn’t remember it in the morning?


They came to Sodom every week, although not necessarily together. Sometimes Otto would arrive up to an hour before Saul, and so he’d get himself a drink, sit back on the long tawny sofa – if it was free – and enjoy the view of the wide main floor. He always did like to watch the action – that’s what’d gotten him noticed in the first place.

Six months earlier he’d been sitting, legs sprawled, on the plump chair near the cage.  He was relaxed and temperate, wearing nothing but his underwear, watching the crowd ebb and flow, idly stroking his cock through his jockeys and enjoying the press of the silicone plug in his ass. It wasn’t a particularly large one, but enough to warm him up, and he was hoping to find someone who appealed. Someone who’d replace that plug with tongue, and maybe something larger.  He really did want something larger.

Thinking of things in his ass got his muscles clenching, and his hand stroking a little faster. Which was when he spotted him. The guy with the low-slung jeans and the tattooed chest. The low-slung jeans with the heavily-hanging crotch. Whom obviously had something larger to offer. And who was eye-fucking Otto like his life depended on it. Otto, very slowly, licked his lips. He wrapped his hand around his cock and slid it from bottom to top. And then he waited to see what the stranger would do.

The stranger crossed the floor, maintaining the eye-contact all the way. He stepped around the occupied cage and past the sofa to stand over Otto. Then he lent down and pressed his mouth to Otto’s ear.  “I’m Saul. My arse needs licking. I think yours might too. What do you say?”

Otto’s mouth suddenly was flooded with saliva, and he nodded his head, turning to respond. “I’m Otto. And I’d say it’s a date.”


They stood and moved to a smaller room, pulling the door closed to signal a desire for non-interruption. Like most Sodom regulars, Otto was well aware that anal with anyone for the first time needed some quiet, some conversation, and some privacy to make it happen, and happen hot.  The room came with standard equipment – a large bed, towels, condoms and dams (both latex and latex-free), and a choice of water and silicone-based lubricants. Not to mention a very large mirror.

Almost as soon as the door closed, Otto’s mouth was on Saul’s, and they were kissing, tongues rolling and sliding. There were hands groping, and Otto could feel one of Saul’s hands pressing gently at the flare of his plug. Saul broke off the kiss long enough to murmur at Otto, “I see you come prepared.”

Otto’s only response was to slide to his knees and begin to unbuckle Saul’s jeans. But a hand on his stilled him.  “I should let you know…” Saul said.

“Know what?” Otto asked. All he wanted was to get a look at that cock, feel that heft.

“Well… here. Let me show you.” Saul stepped back from Otto, and began to undo his jeans himself, turning it into a strip-tease.  The button popped open while his ass swung enticingly. A tilt of his hips and then he turned around entirely and wriggled his ass. The sound of his zip was loud in the room as it came undone, and then denim slid free of his hips. Saul was also wearing jockeys, but there was something a little different about them. Otto couldn’t quite tell what.

Saul turned around to face Otto again, his jeans slipping to his ankles. He slid one hand into his pants, palming his cock. His heavy cock. Otto was mesmerised, watching. He wanted it. All of it. He could feel the throb of his lips, his crotch, his ass, at the thought of it.

And then Saul slipped his jockeys down. Exposed the cock he was fondling. Showed the heavy flesh he was sliding in and out of his hand. Showed that it was silicone, and strapped to his body.

“This,” said Saul. “You need to know this. I want to tongue your arse, and I want to fuck you with my cock. And this is my cock. Are you okay with that?”


If Otto hadn’t been so ready to fuck that he was about ready to cream his jockeys, it might have been an issue. If Saul had been less open about his cock, and himself, if might have been an issue. If, as Otto admitted to himself later, Saul had been less of his type, it might have been an issue. And if Saul hadn’t been such an amazing kisser, strip-teaser, all-around eye-fuckingly hot guy? It might have been an issue.

But it wasn’t. Otto had shaken his head, shrugged, said “That’s all right by me,” and they’d gotten on with the tongues, and the asses, and the cocks, and the fucking.  That ‘something larger’ of Saul’s had been a revelation – as Saul himself had been. What had started as a hot guy on guy pickup at Sodom had turned into a regular date, and now each week they took their pleasure in each other.

This week they occupied the long tawny sofa, and were fully entwined upon it. They both enjoyed playing out in the main area, losing themselves in each other, knowing they were watched, then taking a break to watch the crowd themselves. More often though, they’d be a tangle of arms, of legs, of tongues. Anyone looking would see the shifting of muscles as one cock slid slowly and deeply into the open pucker of the others ass. Whether it was a silicone cock or a bio one was irrelevant.

This was Sodom, after all.



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5 Responses to “Sodom: It’s a date”

  1. Carol Anne Caiafa
    January 27th, 2012 @ 6:02 am

    Very nice, as usual! <3

  2. Tethys
    January 27th, 2012 @ 2:23 pm

    i read this not long after i’d finished masturbating; but reading it made me need to wank all over again. :-) Great work, my beloved property! :-* <3

  3. KaziGrrl
    January 27th, 2012 @ 4:17 pm

    Nice! and hot as well :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Hylas
    January 28th, 2012 @ 12:03 am

    Saul has a Share XL? Hmm.. although, “strapped to his body” probably means not.

  5. Dee
    January 30th, 2012 @ 1:40 am

    I am so glad you’re continuing to enjoy this, readers! Tethys, you were and are the inspiration for this. Hylas – the ShareXL can be worn with a harness, as you well know!

    xx Dee


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