Intriguing Reading #9

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My regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

The Internal Clitoris: “What really blows my mind is the plethora of misinformation that exists in textbooks, professional medical guides, and on the internet.  Take for example, in one of my undergraduate textbooks titled Understanding Human Sexuality, the clitoris is depicted merely as just the glans.  The sad fact is it wasn’t until the 1990’s that researchers began using MRI to study the internal structure of the clitoris.  By then, the intricate details of the penis were already well known.” (MelodiousMsm / Museum of Sex)

ConTuesday: Those little disappointments: “I get people complaining that I do things like check for circulation and breathing, or that I ask for a list of hard limits, or that I spend the first few sessions getting a feel for the bottom rather than just wailing on them until they safeword. The way I learned it, that’s how to be a GOOD top. Unfortunately, it’s also the main reason cited when I ask why people don’t want to play with me again. Said people then go off to Creepy McWifebeater because he “doesn’t play with limits” and “provides the TRUE submissive experience”.” (Anon Confessor / Quizzical Pussy) Be sure to read the comments, too!

Obscenity Trial Ends: “Sexuality is not a hierarchy of extremity, with fisting, urine, and blood at its apex. Sexuality is not a linear progression from missionary-position, procreative, within-marriage, monogamous mating at one end and goatse at the other. Talk in public about what you think goes too far and you have undermined your support. You are, unwittingly, using the same ‘line in the sand’ argument that the prosecution pursued.” (Dr. Brooke Magnati/Belle de Jour)

Book Review: Vulva 101: “In fact, Vulva 101 is a great antidote for any woman considering labiaplasty to “correct” her “unattractive” genitalia. It’s also a great response to activists complaining that today’s porn, which shows primarily shaved or waxed vulva, is subtly training men to desire pre-pubescent girls. In these dozens of bare vulvas, no one could possibly say there’s a little girl among them.” (Dr. Marty Klein)

Porky Pig: “We no longer hold animals morally culpable for having sex with people, but we’ve now Bambi-fied domestic animals to the point that they’re regarded as sexless innocents. Even the phrase “human-animal sex” is smoke and mirrors: There’s really only animal-animal sex: It’s just that, for still unknown scientific reasons, some human animals are into nonhuman animals.” (Jesse Bering / Slate)

How (not) to communicate new scientific information: a memoir of the famous Brindley lecture: “The Professor wanted to make his case in the most convincing style possible. He indicated that, in his view, no normal person would find the experience of giving a lecture to a large audience to be erotically stimulating or erection-inducing. He had, he said, therefore injected himself with papaverine in his hotel room before coming to give the lecture, and deliberately wore loose clothes (hence the track-suit) to make it possible to exhibit the results. He stepped around the podium, and pulled his loose pants tight up around his genitalia in an attempt to demonstrate his erection.” (Laurence Klotz / British Journal of Urology / Wiley Online Library)

 The Five Artiest Brothels in France: “From the early 1800s until they were finally closed down at the end of the WWII, the country’s legalized brothels — known as maisons closes, or “shuttered houses” — were renowned amongst travelers for their lavish paintings, sculptures and décor. In the belle époque, dozens of impecunious French artists helped decorate the most palatial of these bordellos for a little extra cash, including the young Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. By the early 1900s, the so-called “fantasy brothels,” which offered Disney-style themed rooms along the lines of Versailles, Venice and the Orient, even opened themselves up to tourists by day.” (Tony Perrottet / HuffPo) Be sure to click through and look at the photographs!

Owning My Sexuality as an “Owned” Slut: “I consider my sexuality to be “owned” by my BDSM partner. That is one of the tenets of W’s and my relationship. But, I do consider “owning my sexuality,” owning my identity as a sexual woman, with needs and desires of my own, and owning the right to express and have those needs fulfilled, a principal of being a “slut” in the best definition of the word as expressed in the anti-slut-shaming movement. If being a sexually adventurous, active and proactive woman makes me a “slut,” then I wear that title proudly.” (Pieces of Jade)


John Yossarian

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2 Responses to “Intriguing Reading #9”

  1. Michael Samadhi
    January 17th, 2012 @ 2:07 am

    there’s no excuse for researchers ignoring the clitoris . . . none at all!

    while cocks are pretty enough I guess . . . even the nicest penis lacks the subtlety, charm and mystery of any woman’s vulva . . .

    I’ve always known I missed my calling by not going into sex research . . . you can damn well be sure I would have studied women before men!

  2. Dee
    January 19th, 2012 @ 5:58 pm

    There’s no excuse for anyone ignoring the clitoris, I feel!

    xx Dee


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