Pain versus pain

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It’s been two weeks today since I took my last painkiller. Technically I am still allowed to take some – I could have taken up to four last week, and up until Sunday this week I am able to take three – but I haven’t needed to.

The last painkillers I took were on my flight over to Melbourne. I haven’t taken any since. This is a HUGE thing. Because remember that chronic, daily, never-goes-away-ever migraine? The one I’ve had for over six years? I take painkillers for that.

And I’ve not taken any for 14 fucking days! *does a no-painkiller dance sitting in my chair*

There are a few possible reasons. Some are medical, some are practical, and some are sexy as fuck.

1: Breaking the cycle. As my neurologist told me, I need the painkillers to control the pain, but taking them keeps the pain going. It’s a vicious nasty cycle, and almost impossible to break. However, building up Topiramate in my system over the last four months has meant I could begin reducing the total number of painkillers I took each week. Ten one week, nine the next, eight the week after that … and it seems to be working!

2: New bite splint. I’ve slept with a mouthguard / bite splint in for about four years now, as I grind my teeth when I am asleep – I’ve done this all my life, it seems. I originally got this as I was concerned that grinding my (mercury) fillings was making my migraine worse – but made the interesting discovery that by taking the pressure off my jaw I reduced the severity of my overall chronic migraine quite a lot. (I also had my mercury fillings replaced with porcelain, just in case.)  Having worn my old splint out, I had a new one made last month – and thanks to new technology this one, rather than just covering and lifting the front teeth, instead covers all my top teeth in a thin strong covering. And you can really see where my bottom molar grind grind grind away (no wonder three of them have cracked and need crowns. Ouch!). Getting those teeth covered and providing protection has really made a difference,  again, in how my head feels.

3: Lots of orgasms. I like to have orgasms, and generally have a lot of them, messily and gloriously. But never ever have I had so many in so short a period of time as the ten days I was with Tethys. I’m not even sure that it was the orgasms themselves – for the last three days I had no orgasms at all (I wasn’t allowed to!) but was certainly on the edge and ready to pop. I was overflowing with sexual energy, as was Tethys, and we revelled in those lustful sensations.

4. Good pain. m’Lady likes to inflict pain on hir fucktoy – and I adore and dread receiving it in equal measure. Any part of me, except my arsehole, is ripe for intense displeasure (anal play is the one area where zie wants me to feel only delicious sensations), and I sure got it! Whether it was stretching my cunt with hir hand – oh delicious near-fisting glory – slapping my inner thighs as I yelped and carefully did not close my legs; hauling me up and down on hir cock by the hair; or savagely mauling my breasts with sharp teeth … it was good pain. It was pain that left me wanting more. And it was pain that put me right on my haunches in fuckspace. Head pain? What head pain? Give me those endorphins as you use me, m’Lady.


So. It seems this chronic pain may be breaking up. It is still there. It is still chronic. But it’s not as hideously bad as it was. There are two more weeks when I can still take painkillers if I have to. Then there are six weeks when I’m shit out of luck if that pain bites back- so it’s a good thing it’s over the New Year break when I have no work anyhow (so can lie in bed and wank madly to feel better?). And then I get to see my doctor, and talk about taking preventative medications. That’s the next step.

Let’s see, shall we?


Both photographs taken by Tethys, in Melbourne. And yes, zie made those epic bruises, too!

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2 Responses to “Pain versus pain”

  1. Hylas
    December 3rd, 2011 @ 11:48 am

    This is a HUGE deal! Way to go, Boss :)

  2. Dee
    December 4th, 2011 @ 10:05 pm

    Thank you Pet! I think it’s a pretty massive deal myself. I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than a week without painkillers before…

    xx Dee


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