Intriguing reading #7

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Since Google Reader torpedoed my shared links and I refuse to use G+, I do a regular roundup of worthy reading instead.

(There are two weeks worth in this post – it was Giftmas last week, and I was away!)

The Future: Where Sexual Orientations Get Kind of Confusing: “Instead of having the same fight for rights and acceptance over and over, it would be better to use the idea of informed consent to make a consistent definition to distinguish ethically permissible sexual orientations from harmful sexual orientation disorders. Heterosexuality doesn’t quite seem to capture the sexual orientation of a human who is attracted to an artificial intelligence construct. But to say, “I’m a heterosexual xenosexual” tells you that I like non-humans of the opposite gender of me (if the A.I.’s in fact come with genders).” (Kyle Munkittrick / Discover Magazine)

Polyamory: Some Kitties Are Just Like That: “Some cats are like that and if you try to shut them into your house, they’ll pee on your pillow. Trying to control them only makes everyone miserable. Really, you just have two choices. Either you accept them for what they are and enjoy what they offer you, or you stop feeding them and they’ll go find more congenial houses to visit.” (Charlie Glickman)

Strip Club Revelations: “Then it hit me. That was it! SOCKS. She was wearing socks. All the 8-hour days I had spent in the peepshows, leaning against the doorway of my peepshow booth and spinning on the round stage poles. My arches had become accustomed to the burn and were falling into place but the balls of my feel where developing think calluses. And the cheap five-dollar hooker heels were tearing up my skin. Bobby socks. Socks. In my two months working I had never seen anyone do it.” (Ducky Doolittle)

A Scene: “Getting enthusiastic consent isn’t just about asking someone before you kiss them. It doesn’t just extend to the bedroom. It isn’t just listening to what someone says about how they like to be touched, and whether they do. It also doesn’t end when the relationship or encounter ends. You don’t have to be touching someone to do something to them they didn’t consent to. And if you don’t know how they might react to something you might do? Well, that’s where that really handy “asking” thing comes in. Because some people are private, and some people are public, and it’s not your right to make that decision for them.” (Tallulah Spankhead / The Lady Garden)

Butt Sex, About Perfection or Getting Off?: “What is the problem with a sex act that requires time and lubrication? Yup, anal sex needs lube.  / As someone who takes the sex positive road, what is far more interesting is a discussion that assumes that people of all genders want to have pleasure during the sexual act.” (Love of Mystery)

The Penis Mom: “It all started way back in early November, when my 13-year-old’s teacher sent an email to parents saying they were doing a little Pumpkin Chunkin’ – this is a very cool physics project where the kids launch pumpkins with a trébuchet. Awesome. Except the email asked for help setting up the trébuchet. Help from dads. That’s right, dads. Are there any strong dads who can help? So if you know me, you know I’m cautious. I sat down at my computer to check the facts, first looking at the calendar to see what year we were in – yep, still 2011. So with time-travel ruled out, we were only left with the possibility that we had somehow slipped into an alternate universe, one where teachers have giant balls. Balls clearly big enough to toss such gender-biased questions out into the wind without concern for where they might land.” (Girl on Saturday)

Want a New You? Change Your Name: “But even as she described the darkest period of her life to me, I was reminded that unless you are a recent inductee to a witness protection program, changing your name is essentially a hopeful gesture. As everyone who has moved to New York City from someplace else already knows, anonymity gives you courage. When I became Alina Simone, I also became a singer. The new Alina Simone told me that when her husband left her, she didn’t know who she was; she had never really been left alone to find out.” (Alina Simone / The New York Times)

Are You Afraid? “I don’t know how I will react when I first touch another person. When I first slip my fingers inside another girl or wrap my hands around a cock.  And it’s fucking scary.” (Jill Boyd)

An Indian Inventor Disrupts the Period Industry: “When Arunachalam Muruganantham hit a wall in his research on creating a sanitary napkin for poor women, he decided to do what most men typically wouldn’t dream of. He wore one himself–for a whole week. Fashioning his own menstruating uterus by filling a bladder with goat’s blood, Muruganantham went about his life while wearing women’s underwear, occasionally squeezing the contraption to test out his latest iteration. It resulted in endless derision and almost destroyed his family. But no one is laughing at him anymore, as the sanitary napkin-making machine he went on to create is transforming the lives of rural women across India.” (Lakshmi Sandhana  / co.Exist)


Well, if the mandril isn't well lubricated, the shaft is going to seize up. Then you got yourself a bent shaft and, frankly, who could love you then? " title="Well, if the mandril isn't well lubricated, the shaft is going to seize up. Then you got yourself a bent shaft and, frankly, who could love you then?

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