Dee’s birthday story

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It’s my birthday, and I have received many wonderful gifts from many wonderful lovers today. But my owner and m’Lady, Tethys, has given me a very precious present: a story zie has written herself, read out and recorded for me to hear in hir own voice.

I am delighted and honoured that zie is willing for me to share the text of that story with you all. I hope you find it as arousing as I do. Enjoy!

For Dee, on her birthday

The guests start to arrive. You greet them at the door, naked but for the collar on your neck, and the chain running from the collar to my hand as i stand beside you. i want them to remember from the moment you open that door that you are my property.

As instructed, you offer to each arriving guest your body for a brief fondle or grope. Some gently trace the curve of your breasts; some reach down and slap your cunt; some cup their hand on your ass before sliding a finger between your cheeks and touching your asshole for a moment. It’s my pleasure to offer up my fucktoy to our friends to share, and evidently your cunt’s pleasure too; i know that cunt juices are running down the inside of your thighs.

Once all the guests have arrived, i tug gently on the chain. “It’s time, my slut.”

You nod your head slightly: “Yes m’Lady.”

i lead you into the main room, where all the guests are standing and sitting whilst chatting with each other amiably. i hold a glass and tap on it lightly with a spoon: “If i could have everyone’s attention ….” The room quiets.

“Thank you for joining me and my property here today. i’m so glad you could all be here; it’s so delightful for me to be able to share my fucktoy with you all. i hope you’ll make good use of her throughout the evening! To begin proceedings, Dee is going to put on a show for us all. She’s going to pleasure herself and come five times. After that, she’s available for your own use and pleasure. And remember, condoms and dams to be used at all times!”

Everyone nods.

“If people could clear a space in the centre of the room, please? Thanks.”

Once the centre of the room is cleared, Hylas unrolls a large sheet of rubber across the floor. He adds several rubber cushions to one end of the sheet. i give you a brief nod, and you respond with a brief “Yes, m’Lady” before lying down on your back on the rubber sheet, putting one of the rubber cushions under your head and neck for comfort.

“Tell everyone why you’re on a rubber sheet, my slut.”

“Because I come so hard and squirt so much, m’Lady.”

“And why rubber specifically, and not towels, my slut?”

“Because you want me to wallow in my juices, like the dirty cum-covered fucktoy I am, m’Lady.”

i nod in satisfaction: “You may begin.”

Your hand slides down between your legs. i’ve told you that the first three orgasms are yours to have as you wish, as long as they come as quickly as possible; but the last two of this show are mine.

As soon your fingers touch your clit, you can’t help yourself, having been exposed and fondled and groped so much already: you come, a shuddering moan emerging from your mouth. The dozen or so guests immediately burst into applause, and i smile in pleasure. Just the sight of you has been enough to bring our guests joy; i’m sure their use of my fucktoy will bring them even more.

The second orgasm comes only slightly less quickly than the first, as does the third. You pause for a few moments, catching your breath, before turning to look at me. i explain:

“My property only orgasms at my will. i’d given permission for her to have three orgasms by her own hand; but the next two are to be at my word. Are you ready to come again, my slut?”

“Yes, m’Lady.” i know that in one sense you’re not; you’d prefer to have at least a brief break. But you are well-behaved property, and my will is your will; and so, you are ready.

i look into your eyes. You stare back at me intently, lustfully, adoringly, eager to demonstrate to all what a debased, depraved slut you are for me. i quietly say a single word:


“Fuuuuuck ….” Your orgasmic moans are louder this time, driven by your joy at being owned and used by me.


And you do as you are told.

i allow you a few moments to recover, before telling you to sit up and move back slightly. As you do so, a large wet mess is revealed to have covered the rubber sheet; the copious juices of a fucktoy ready to be thoroughly used. i address the small crowd:

“My property is now ready for your use. Enjoy!”

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3 Responses to “Dee’s birthday story”

  1. Michael Samadhi
    December 23rd, 2011 @ 4:49 am

    how beautiful!

    happy birthday my dear!

  2. Belladonnax
    December 25th, 2011 @ 11:22 pm

    “Because you want me to wallow in my juices, like the dirty cum-covered fucktoy I am, m’Lady.”
    i nod in satisfaction: “You may begin.”
    Love it. Happy birthday :) xxx

  3. Dee
    December 28th, 2011 @ 4:09 pm

    Thank you Michael – it was one of the absolute best gifts I have ever received. I adore it!

    Bella – isn’t it just hot! And you know how m’Lady’s voice sounds. Just imagine hir reading it …

    xx Dee


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