Bring Back Buck!

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I think we all know by now I have quite the adoration for Buck Angel. He’s a sweetheart in person, has great boots to shine, and is a awesome role-model to write about as well. I’m also somewhat shameless, so when he mentioned on twitter that his latest DVD was out, I totally offered to review it in exchange for a copy! And because Buck is very nice, he said yes and sent one out.

I’m very glad that I did – this DVD is not only educational, it’s extraordinarily hot! There are five scenes, and each will rock your world.  Let me (and Buck) introduce you to Sean, James, Eddie, MJ and Fallen – all trans men.


While Buck is all the way through this DVD, you don’t get to see him until the final scene. Before that he’s behind the camera, asking questions and getting in close and personal both with words and with lens. When the opening screen called this a XXX Educational Film it means both the XXX and the Educational :)

The lovely Medea joined me to watch this DVD and give me her perspective as well. I don’t think it’s going to spoil you too much to say we both ended up having hot orgasms!

You can leave your hat on

Sean is the first one to be interviewed by Buck. He’s relatively relaxed, and Buck asks him about all sorts of things – his history and his transition, what attracts him, his sexuality, if he likes penetration, his tattoos, surgery and hormones. The picture is in black and white, and focuses both on Sean’s clothed body and his face as he answers eloquently. It’s not a scripted conversation, and I like that.  It’s an excellent introduction to the DVD, and gets us all comfortable.

Then it’s time to lose the clothes, and the films switches to colour. We get to admire the tattoos, and admire Sean as he plays with himself with his hand in his underwear. Both Medea and I complained that he lost the shorts too fast (it’s something we find really hot, seeing someone play with themselves like that. Standard complaint all the way through the DVD). Funnily enough, the conversation stuttered to a halt once the undies were off – Buck forgot to talk, and so did we! Sean has labial piercings that makes me want to get my own done the same way – and I also learned that combining a very masculine cunt and a snail-trail up to the belly button is something I find insanely hot.

There was some rock and roll throughout this portion, and it wasn’t intrusive at all. A good choice – the end credits informed me it was done specifically for the DVD, by Ponyboy.

Buck remembered to focus the camera on Sean’s face (although not quite as much as Medea or I wanted) – there was a lot of genital focus as well, but that was just fine too! Heavy breathing in front of the camera, some behind the camera, and definitely on the couch as well. *cough*

A brief pause and then we got to see Sean try out Buck’s new glass toy. Some envy and intense curiosity from Medea and I. Yes Buck, I want one of those too please! Sean had never used glass before, so it was a very new experience for him – although it appeared to be an extremely positive one. He penetrated himself vaginally with it (awesomely hot to watch, seeing those glass bobbles disappear inside), then used the Hitachi on his clit. Medea and I were both very turned on at this point, especially noting Sean’s thigh-flutter as he came up to orgasm. Wow. The cameraman kept getting distracted (turned-on?) too, which was endearing as well.

Conclusion: Extremely hot scene. Extremely hot Sean. Want Buck’s new toy please (with Sean as a bonus, if possible).

What a darling

James – aka James Darling – is the only ‘name’ I was aware of when I received this DVD.  While I’d not seen him in any films before, I follow his tumblr and am aware of his prettiness. But oh, so much more delicious in person! Medea was particularly attracted to his ‘baby-face’ (her description), while I found his articulate discussion with Buck particularly appealing. He is very aware of the power of words, and how he chooses to use them – for example, calling his genitals his hole and his dick. Hot! Also, wearing nothing but shorts – very hot. Why couldn’t he have kept them on for longer than 30 seconds?

That said, when he shucked the shorts I promptly expressed a desire to suck James’ dick (seconded by Medea), especially with the delicious expressions he makes … GUH. Buck started to play with camera angles in this scene, and did some great ones where the camera was practically on the floor looking right up at hole and his face. It makes me feel like my head was down in his lap, which was a great place to be as we watched him play with himself.

Cut to a moment of utter silence before we both nearly cream ourselves, watching James suck the new Fun Factory G4 Big Boss (I love recognising toys in films!) while fingerfucking himself. Again – GUH. Especially when he then fucked himself with the toy. That scene is replying itself in my head as I type, and it is insanely hot…

He was so obviously into it. Buck was obviously into it. We were totally into it. What a great scene!

Buck: “Does it turn you on to think people of there are watching you?”

James: “Oh yeah …”

As it should, James – you were awesome!

Conclusion: Sean was hot. James was incandescent. My knickers were sopping. Wow.

Operatic Orgasms

Eddie was a sweetheart (Medea wanted to pet him on the head).  He was very boy-next-door, and had only had his top-surgery three months prior. A little less articulate, he nonetheless one of the most interesting interviews, as his experiences with change were still ongoing and recent.  It also led to some unexpected and very cool advice from Buck about how to bring back some nipple sensation.

“One thing I’ve learned is just to ask for what you want.” Go Eddie!

Eddie was the only trans man in this DVD who was packing, which totally endeared me – I do love the packing. It was just delicious watching him caress his cock through his underwear, and tease the head and shaft for the camera (before once again losing the shorts far too swiftly!).

It’s really interesting seeing how different people touch themselves, and wank. Eddie liked to use a pump on his clit, which suctions out the air and increases the size of it. It was intriguing to watch. He also had some really nice vocals as he aroused himself (which was then added to the by operatic music Buck put on, of Hilary Whitmore singing). He was also particularly delicious to listen to when he was orgasming.

Conclusion: While Eddie was the person I was physically least attracted to, it was nonetheless still a strong scene that didn’t let the DVD down at all.

“I’m kinda flamboyant”

MJ is very personable and engaging, and is the youngest trans man in the DVD. (Medea: “he’s so cutely twinky!”) He calls himself flamboyant and he’s not wrong – but a total sweetheart. He and Buck got into a very interesting discussion about the definitions of ‘cis’ and ‘trans’ – being aware that not everyone watching would know what the former means – among other things.

Again, playing in underwear was a highlight cut cruelly short *sniff*, but made up for once the Njoy toys came out. Stainless steel deliciousness combined with MJ biting his lip (can I do that please?).

MJ: “I could definitely make myself come this way.”

Buck: “Not yet!”

The deliciousness of watching him fuck his cunt with the Njoy was increased when he then added an Njoy buttplug into the mix. I was a puddle of Dee about this point, as I am writing this up…

(The sections are getting shorter and shorter because I managed to write down less and less. Are you surprised?)

The expression on MJ’s face as he orgasmed was positively angelic. It was amazing. Wow.

Conclusion: Can I come now please? Pretty please? Not yet? Dammit!

Definitely not least

We took a break before the last scene. Not to orgasm (I really wanted to though!) but to make some bagels to eat during the last interview, so we’d have the energy for orgasms.  This was a BAD PLAN.

Why was this a bad plan? Because the last scene didn’t bother with an interview. There was no talking at all! Buck and Fallen were right into it. Making out, hands in pants, belts unbuckled, shorts shoved down, mouths on cunts.

Bagel-eating was a tad distracted and rather messy…

Good stuff: Buck and Fallen are hot together! It seems like they’ve definitely done this before.  Fallen was absolutely into it. Cunt slapping was hot. Making out was hot. Seeing Buck was hot.

Less good stuff: Buck spitting (anyone spitting really, but Buck in this instance) really drove me nuts. Why the need to spit on Fallen’s cunt? Ick.

Amazing stuff: The double-penetration with toys was incredible. The orgasms were amazing.

Conclusion: I missed the interview (I wanted to know about Fallen). But great to see them play together.

So. That was the DVD. Once Medea and I had brushed the crumbs off the sofa, we moved swiftly to remove clothes, open the sofa up into the bed, take the DVD back to our two favourite scenes as decided between us, and have some hot orgasms!

Orgasms for Medea involved her cunt, a dental dam, my mouth and left thumb, and James on the screen. Yum.

Orgasms for me involved my cunt, a dental dam, her mouth but mostly her right hand, and MJ on the screen. Orgasmly gush WOW.

Verdict: There needs to be more profoundly hot and deliciously educational porn out there please! And Buck, please come back to New Zealand!

Name: Sexing the Transman XXX
Director: Buck Angel
Language: English
Actors: Sean, James Darling, Eddie Wood, MJ, Buck Angel, Fallen
Year: 2011
Notes: All the toys used in the DVD can be seen here. I want to own every single one of them…

erogenous zone  9/10 Erogenous Zones


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8 Responses to “Bring Back Buck!”

  1. Kiwiana
    October 1st, 2011 @ 5:30 pm

    Awesome! I have been waiting for this review and now I soooo badly want to see the film. Thanks Dee for a robust and moist and Dee-puddled review. xx K

  2. Scar
    October 2nd, 2011 @ 9:44 pm

    I find Buck very problematic, from the language he uses about trans people, to his attitudes towards lower surgery.
    I wouldn’t say he’s a particularly good role model for trans people.

  3. Dee
    October 3rd, 2011 @ 7:29 am

    You’re welcome to borrow it, or to watch it with me, Kiwiana. *smooch*

    Scar, you’ve piqued my interest. I know that I personally find Buck impressive (as a cis woman), and I am aware that a lot of trans people have been positively impacted by him and his work. However is it clear from your comment that you disagree. That said, your comment doesn’t tell me much as to why that is. Can you please be more specific as to how he has been problematic for you? I would like to understand more about where you are coming from, if you’d care to take the time to elucidate.

    xx Dee

  4. Buck Angel
    October 4th, 2011 @ 6:01 am

    Hi Scar,

    I also would like to know what you mean by “problematic” -thats a very interesting choice of word. Of course I do not expect to have everyone like who I am and what I do but to say things like that about me is very weird. What do you think my attitude towards bottom surgery is?
    Because whatever i have posted about it has always been about ME not you or anyone in the “trans” community.

    PS Thanks Dee for taking the time to review my film.

  5. Dee
    October 5th, 2011 @ 1:01 pm

    Buck, you’re most welcome – thanks for sending it out to me! It was a pleasure to watch something that was so different from ‘standard’ pornos. The interviews really made it interesting – so thank you!

    xx Dee

  6. Scar
    October 5th, 2011 @ 6:22 pm

    Hi Buck,

    Your comment didn’t come through in my inbox. Probably because your name is flagged as spam.
    Apologies for that.
    If you’d like to know what is problematic about your language, I suggest you read up on some modern feminist theory (the trans inclusive stuff) and then consider why it’s more appropriate to use ‘trans man’ instead of ‘transman’ (hint: it has to do with not calling people ‘jewman’ ‘gayman’ and ‘blackman’).
    On the second issue; I read a very disturbing exchange between you and a young friend of mine, Eli, where you stated that people needed to ‘learn to love their bodies’. It most certainly was NOT about only yourself, it was clearly a statement to everyone.
    Can I ask then, what you think of me having SRS or trans men having top surgery? Because your statements are very inconsistent. Why couldn’t you learn to love your breasts, for example? Perhaps for the same reason why many trans men cannot love their genitals.

    Lastly, putting ‘trans’ in quotation marks as you did is seriously questionable. Do you not consider yourself trans? Do you think that trans people do not actually exist? Do you think it is not a valid term? Are you referencing the exclusion of people you do not consider trans?

    From a more personal point of view, I think you are perpetuating and encouraging the stereotype of trans people as sex workers – and that they can ONLY be sex workers – which is something that needs to be broken down.
    I realise that you’re going to say something along the lines of “this is only about ME!” but unfortunately as a highly visible trans person, your actions have wide reaching repercussions – ESPECIALLY on young trans men who find you on their first google search about trans men. Men who are still figuring out what it means to be ‘successful’ as a trans man in the world and what options they have.

    I think that adequately addresses my earlier post.
    If you’d like to discuss this further, you’re welcome to comment on my site (that way I’ll probably spot the comment this time, even if it goes into spam).

  7. Buck Angel
    October 6th, 2011 @ 3:56 am

    No I do not consider myself trans. I am a man. I don’t represent the trans community. I am not PC. I have a voice because I make myself heard and I have never followed guidelines or rules. I think they are really the problem. People like you think you are doing a service, but you are actually hurting your “cause” by putting people in boxes yet again.

    I hope you have a wonderful life because life is what you make of it and I made my horrible life into something good. I have helped many people deal with their issues and hopefully you can do the same.

    Buck Angel

  8. Scar
    October 7th, 2011 @ 7:52 am

    Which ‘boxes’ am I putting people in, Buck?


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