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So much is going on right now – and new things keep cropping up! Time to make a note of them all before something goes by the wayside.


Tomorrow I have an afternoon photo shoot with Studio X. I won the shoot itself in a competition at the most recent Erotica Expo, which quite delighted me!

I had a meeting with them a few weeks back where we discussed what I might like to get out of it. I am somewhat of a challenge – deliberately so. I’ve done the soft lighting and the pretty lingerie before, and had plenty of pictures taken of me in all sorts of poses (which you’ll well know if you’ve read this blog longer than a week). If I’m going to get professional pictures taken, I want something spectacularly me. So we chattered, looked through the albums, and discussed the possibilities.

It boils down to this: no makeup, jewellery (except my wedding ring), polish, or lingerie. Just me. Curves and rolls and stretch marks and wrinkles and smiles and silliness.

Accessories that might be used are a parasol, a fan, a bit of rope. I want to play with the big  mirror (reflective photographs really grab me) and the awesome round cage they have there. Kiana will be coming with me as my plus one, to help me wrangle my stuff and tie the rope for me. It will be fun!

And in the end, we shall see what we have. I am planning to buy three pictures from them – and you’ll get to see my choices, eventually.

(And hell yes, I’ll be writing about how the shoot goes!)



I have been asked by Cosmopolitan in Australia to write a piece for them. Colour me quite delighted! I can’t give much detail at this point – but it’s something I haven’t written about here,  and something I easily could have written here (I had to check the archives to double-check I hadn’t).

I am absolutely thrilled to have been asked, pleased to have accepted, and will definitely let you know more when I can tell you. Because I sure as hell want you all go to out and get a copy once it hit the stands!


I was contacted by a journalist at 20/20 a few weeks back, after my Express articleOpen Up!‘ was in both the print and online editions of the magazine. (20/20 is a weekly hour-long show on one of the major television channels here in New Zealand.) I’m interesting – we all know that – and apparently particularly interesting because I’m open about my life, my lifestyle, and my relationships.

It’s all a bit of a dilemma though. I’ve been interviewed by a major NZ newspaper about polyamory before (back in 2005. See the gallery below for the article – I am ‘Emma’). I’ve been on television talking about BDSM (last year, on Maori TV). But this involves partners. This involves people important to me whom I don’t want to be hurt.

I actually really like the journalist. We’ve talked quite a lot – both on the phone and in person. I’m trying to figure out a way to set up an evening where she can meet and chat with me, Apollo and Hylas (and maybe Kiana too, for some distance and balance). She seems genuinely interested in me and who I am, understanding of my caution, and keen to see an interesting and balanced story.

Still, I am aware that people overseas who are polyamorous and/or kinky have been misrepresented or used in their interactions with media in the past (for a really recent example, see what happened just last month on British television). I am aware that the journalist can have the best intentions in the world, but may still be overrulled by editors or producers or the TV network itself.

Discussions will be continuing for a while on this one. Your feedback is very definitely welcome on it.

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2 Responses to “Happenings”

  1. Kiwiana
    September 13th, 2011 @ 6:44 pm

    I am so excited about your Cosmopolitan Achievement. You are getting a lot of the right places right now and I’m so very impressed and even proud!

  2. Dee
    September 14th, 2011 @ 12:55 pm

    *big hugs* Thank you sweetheart. What are your thoughts on the 20/20 proposal? Would you care to join us on the takeout evening to meet the journalist as well? (That’s just a meeting, nothing filmed.)

    xx Dee


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