Marked Flesh – a Photo Essay

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One of the many things I missed when my relationship with Adonis ended was his skill with sharp and pointy objects. From scratching with hat-pins to deliberate designs with porcupine quills to carefully planned and executed cuttings with scalpels, the pain and pleasure and delicious results were something I sorely missed.

I’ve chosen not to let anyone other than Adonis do that to me – it’s something peculiarly his and mine. There’s trust involved, but also the feedback of verbal and physical communication. The awareness that he knows what he’s doing and it’s turning me on but he’ll stop if I ask it, or pause if I need it.

Over the last few months he and I have become closer again. Only as friends, but friends who were intimate in the past and may one day be so again in the future. And as friends who can still be intimate in certain ways now. It turns out that marking my flesh is definitely still one of those ways!

For this particular marking there was a lot of planning. I wanted to do something special for Tethys‘ birthday – and sending a present across the ocean wasn’t quite enough. I wanted to show how much I could take for hir. How I longed to submit and be hir property. I wanted to be marked for hir. So I asked Adonis if he would scratch me (delighted yes!). Somehow – and I am really not sure how this happened – we decided on the soles of my feet. I picked the designs.

Then I asked Hylas if he would figure out how to effectively immobilise me so it could be done (happy yes!). The week beforehand we played with restraints and ties and he ascertained the effectiveness of them by beating the hell out of my feet for me – which left me floaty and happy and extremely orgasmic. I do love bastinado with big thuddy objects!

Lastly, I asked Kiana if she could figure out some very specific ties for my toes (happy yes!), as my feet kept flexing during the bastinado and I felt that it would be better if they were stretched open and unable to curl spontaneously. That led to an entertaining Saturday afternoon on the lounge floor – Apollo looking on – as we experimented with kangaroo thong and hemp string. Fun!

Finally, it was the night of the party.  Nerves don’t even begin to describe it! For the first few hours I was toppy – Hylas was in his latex straight-jacket and hood, and I teased the fuck out of him. It was remarkably relaxing…

Then it was my turn. We set up in a slightly quieter room, with four large cushions on the floor, towels under my cunt and my mouth, and the o-ring gag in my mouth. He hog-tied me and went to work on my feet with the tyre-thumper, the rubber mallet, and probably some other things I don’t remember. It was heavy and thuddy and lovely, and I drooled my pleasure. Hylas has gotten extremely good at that! He also whacked my arse and scratched my back a fair bit, but that doesn’t surprise anyone…

Once I was very relaxed, Kiana added the string to my toes. She’d pre-cut the lengths earlier, so it was easy for her to take my big toes and little toes and ensure that they weren’t going to move.

Then it was Adonis’ turn. I’d printed out the designs, so he had those to work from. I’d also brought my entire sharps case with me, so he had hat-pins and quills and fondue forks and swizzle sticks to choose from. And the felt-tip for drawing patterns with. You can see he’s also wearing his awesome self-made chainmaille gauntlets.  You’d think I would have been prepared for how much it tickled – but I wasn’t!

On the left foot he drew the yin-yang I had asked for. Naturally there was teasing about how to complete the solid side of the pattern. Eep.  On the right foot he drew the transgender symbol. I felt that both those images epitomised what I wanted to share with Tethys. Yin-yang for the nature of our owner/property relationship, and the transgender symbol for how much I valued hir dual-gender nature as a part of who zie is.

I was envisioning both designs being quite small. This turned out to not be the case. Not that there was anything I could do about it!

Adonis had also finished the prototype ballgag for me to wear – it’s aluminium rings and rubber rings, and very bite-downable (I love it!). I could scowl very effectively at Hylas as he took my photo…

After both Hylas and Adonis were satisfied with the design, Betadine was sprayed over the area, and the hat-pin put to work. Alcohol wipes were on hand to keep the area clean and the pin useable.

It fucking HURT.  It was like being stung by 100 very angry bees, all at once. All my previous scratchings had not hurt this badly (and the cuttings not at all, comparatively). Because the soles of the feet are very tough, Adonis had to press remarkably hard to mark it at all.

Unfortunately for me, he also decided he hadn’t pressed hard enough the first time, so went over the pattern again. Ow ow ow!

Then it was time for the other foot. Most of the party had found an excuse to walk past at one point or another by now (not that I could see anyone). I was extremely loud, despite being muffled by the ball-gag, the towel, and the pillows. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they could hear me up the driveway, frankly.

There weren’t any pictures taken during the marking of second foot – I had asked Hylas to release my hands, and instead of taking pictures he was standing straddling me and holding the spreader bar so I wouldn’t move. It meant I could clench and drag the cushions as I shrieked, as well.

I orgasmed seven (I think) times during the marking of this foot. Pain had very definitely transmuted into undeniable pleasure – and for all of them I was biting, swearing, clenching, and attempting to arch. I came through my knickers and three well-folded towels, drenching them all.

This was the end result. The marks were barely viewable (although definitely felt!). They didn’t even last twenty-four hours, sadly.

I am a sick puppy. I hated every second of this – and loved it. I came when the pain was worst, every time. If I ever go through child-birth I’m going to be orgasming the entire fucking time. (I said that, hoarsely, to Hylas. He laughed. Bastard.)

I lay without moving for a good twenty minutes after that. I don’t think my knees would have held me up!  When I was finally ready to stand, my feet were thoroughly bandaged with vet-wrap. While the skin hadn’t been broken, we didn’t want me to pick up anything nasty off the floor – or leave my blood on it. So just in case …

It was an awesome experience. It was a painful experience. It was an orgasmic experience. It was also an excellent evening of lovers and friends working together to help me create something for my newest partner, which was amazing.

A few days later I put up a passworded post – Tethys’ birthday present. And now, edited and rewritten and with a few less pictures, you get to see it as well. I hope that you enjoyed it half as much as we all enjoyed putting it together :)



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4 Responses to “Marked Flesh – a Photo Essay”

  1. musns
    July 8th, 2011 @ 1:56 pm

    Ouch! I hate anything on the soles of my feet due to an unpleasant, yet extremely knowledge gaining, experience. (Maybe someday I’ll post about it, it is still sitting as a draft in my blog)

    What a lovely gift and thank you for sharing!

  2. Dee
    July 10th, 2011 @ 5:39 pm

    Thank you for commenting, musns! It was such an intense experience, so felt it really did have to be shared.

    xx Dee

  3. Amie
    July 15th, 2011 @ 8:40 pm

    Heeeey I recognise that floor! I am so intriged to receive scratching.. I think I would love it.

  4. Dee
    July 15th, 2011 @ 9:40 pm

    Well, it was your floor! Scratching is awesome … less so on the feet, IMO.

    xx Dee


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