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Holy vulva, did I adore this movie.

I find something profoundly thrilling in seeing a group of people take that which is commonly perceived as private (or dirty, or wrong, or shameful, or simply not for public consumption) and delightedly show them as natural (or normal, or erotic, or amazing, or marvellous) instead.

In my opinion, Too Much Pussy! Feminist Sluts: A Queer X Show doesn’t have too much of anything. In a little over ninety minutes this sex-positive road-trip/documentary/stage performance cheerfully shows it all.  Emilie Jouvet, who’s known for making awesome feminist queer porn, takes her camcorder on the road as she and six others travel across Europe in a decorated, full-of-luggage van to present a queercore performance art show to a variety of audiences. This introduces us not only to Emilie, but also to Judy Minx, Madison Young, DJ Metzgerei, Wendy Delorme, Mad Kate and Sadie Lune. With the exception of Madison these were all new names to me, but by the end of the evening I was fans of them all.

How often do you get to inspect someone’s cervix? I have one, but I’ve never seen someone else’s before! How often do you see someone unabashedly pee in front of you? Orgasm? Cry?

At the cinema last night for the Out Takes Film Festival, eating honey-roasted macadamia nuts and holding Demeter’s hand, I swung between wanting to rub my clit, make notes, and laugh in sheer pleasure at what I was seeing. Behaving myself, I only did the latter – holding off on the wanking until I was home in bed, and the writing until this morning.

So what do you get when you watch Too Much Pussy!? You get wax play, bathroom fucking, temporary needles, discussions about porn, burlesque, blood, take-downs, public street strip-tease, age-play, zentai, spitting, knives, nudity, bondage, happiness, blessings, singing, and sex. You get amazing women playing and performing and peeing and penetrating, sharing and sleeping and swearing. They’re real people, having real experiences – and we get to see it all.Luckily for me, many of the words I wanted to write down for later are quoted where I can find them. Madison Young saying this, for example:

“The way that I’m able to infiltrate the more mainstream porn industry is by having authentic sex and having orgasms the way that I would have them and fucking the way that I would fuck and communicating with that person and connecting with them, breathing with them, looking them in the eyes, having real sex in front of the camera. Because even if I don’t have control over the way that the product is marketed, I do have control over the behind-the-scenes, the answers that I give people as to why I am doing this, and the way that I’m fucking.”

I need to see more of Madison fucking. I really do.

Or this from Wendy, shortly before she invites people to inspect her cervix:

“I wanted to invite people from the audience to put their hand in me, because I think there is something about the female sex that is always… either hidden, or sacred… There’s always something. It’s never a plain thing, an easy thing. It’s always a big deal. Either it’s considered something ugly and smelly and bad, or it’s THE gate to Heaven…”


The film chops and changes between the on-stage, back-stage, on the road, fantastical, and very down-to-earth.  The integration of sexuality, self-love, sex, and friendship, art and love seen in this film makes me yearn for a world where such exhibitions are embraced. By the end of it I felt like I’d been on the journey with the seven of them, loved them, and orgasmed with them as well as to them.

No, definitely not too much. Just enough.


Verdict: If you get the chance, see this film! (Just try not to wince at the sub-title errors.)

Name: Too Much Pussy! Feminist Sluts: A Queer X Show
Director: Emilie Jouvet and Wendy Delorme
Length: 98 minutes
Language: French, German and English
Actors: Wendy Delorme, Emilie Jouvet, Mad Kate, Sadie Lune, DJ Metzgerei, Judy Minx, Madison Young (and a cameo from Audacia Ray, which I was delighted to spot)
Year: 2010
Notes: Apparently the DVD has some awesome extras as well.
Links: Video interviews with the cast, Interview with Emilie, Out Takes review


erogenous zone8/10 Erogenous Zones


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3 Responses to “Show Me More!”

  1. unicorn on a motorcycle
    May 31st, 2011 @ 6:36 pm

    I saw it last night too, and I have to say it left me a bit unsatisfied. The women had a lot of interesting, positive things to say and their performances had the occasional flashes of brilliance. Unfortunately, it was marred by a lot of cliches that performance art seems to attract (covered in paint! screaming!) and I felt that we never really scratched the surface of what they were trying to say, either in their discourse or their art.

    It left me frustrated because I felt that there was so much potential in the project, the performers and the film, but it wasn’t realised. Clearly, the great sex-positive-queer-road-trip movie is possible, but personally it wasn’t this one.

  2. Kiwiana
    June 1st, 2011 @ 9:21 pm

    I loved it! To me it was honest and raw, very entertaining and incredibly horny. There are few women who would allow their audience to form a line and shine a torch at their exposed cervix. I loved the freedom of their project and the way that these women interacted with each other, supportive and also challenging the way they thought about queer porn and sex in general. This movie actually exceeded my expectations. XX K

  3. Dee
    June 1st, 2011 @ 10:14 pm

    There may have been cliches, Unicorn – but I’ve not seen that much performance art (the downside of living in a small country far far away from both Europe and the Americas), so they didn’t stand out to me. Granted, the screaming/paint wasn’t the highlight of the film for me, but I didn’t find it detracting too much. If I’d seen the Queer X Show live, I don’t doubt I would have thoroughly enjoyed myself! Still, I am sorry that you didn’t get as much from the movie as others have.

    I think it was the rawness and honesty, Kiwiana, that really got through to me. Can I inspect your cervix next week? Or would you rather look at mine? *grin*

    xx Dee


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