Stripping Off

Posted on | March 16, 2011 | 26 Comments |

I’ve continued to have a blast adding to the exhibitionistic Scavenger Hunt. Which is unsurprising, given how much I enjoy getting my kit off in public.

One of the places on the list is a sex shop, which Iona has done very well previously. Now, I work for a company that sells sex toys – but I wasn’t going to ask if I could get naked in one of our stores (I do value my job!). Instead, when Hylas and I drove past the store I purchased my first Tantus dildo from (rather a few years ago now), we decided to go in and have a look. And to ask if I could get nekkid and be photographed.

Handily, this is a store that not only frequently has naked people in it (granted, they’re usually porn stars), they also have very laid-back staff. The early-twenties woman working there was more than happy for me to get entertainingly unclothed, especially as it became obvious we were planning to buy stuff as well…

Don’t forget to click!

I started in my underwear, as it seemed best to get a variety of shots. And I was quickly distracted when I spotted my favourite silicone lube, Pjur. That stuff is awesome!

There’s a lot of DVD’s in this store, and they made an excellent background as I got undressed. And that poor blow-up doll has been dreadfully mistreated …

I seem to have found all the fetish gear. A shame there wasn’t anything there I really wanted, though!

We did make some lovely purchases once we were done. I bought a DVD, some female condoms, and a toy bag, while Hylas found some rubber porn, and another DVD that looked like it would prove to be entertaining. And off we went, with our purchases and our photographs, into the sunny Sunday afternoon.

The sales clerk was on the phone before we had completely made it out the door. Wonder who she was calling – and what she had to say?

Scavenger Hunt Silver

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26 Responses to “Stripping Off”

  1. Molly
    March 16th, 2011 @ 10:30 pm

    Good for you and wow sooo brave. I can’t wait for Sir to be here so we can start to join in the outdoor hunt for nakkie moments.


  2. Iona
    March 16th, 2011 @ 10:35 pm

    WOOHOO!!! Go you most excellent scavenger hunting exhibitionist you! (I think I know that shop too funnily enough.)

  3. Miss Magenta
    March 16th, 2011 @ 10:43 pm

    Love these! Glad you had an absolute ball (you can see it y’know :) ) and that you and Hylas managed to walk away with decent DVDs- my local not only has absolute zero variety in porn, but ‘trade ins’ are also accepted….Ewwww…..

    xx MM

  4. Alexis
    March 16th, 2011 @ 11:46 pm

    Too much Dee nakedness is never enough for me. :-)

  5. viemoira
    March 17th, 2011 @ 12:02 am

    You are so much fun! Wish I did not live so far away- you would be awesome to hang out with! :)

  6. Rubyyy Jones
    March 17th, 2011 @ 12:40 am

    So Saucy & Sweet!
    Love Lust & Light


  7. DDD
    March 17th, 2011 @ 1:03 am

    Hot and Hysterical. You are sooooooooo bad.

  8. Dangerous Lilly
    March 17th, 2011 @ 1:34 am

    Wow, love it! You’re so much bolder than I. But that looks like a very non-scary porn shop so it might not be SO bad. Many of ours here in my area are the scary type =/

  9. DefiningDelilah
    March 17th, 2011 @ 1:55 am

    I love Pjur Lube soooo much! (and that looks like a terrific store)

    Ahem but I am focusing on the entirely wrong thing here! Terrific addition to your list Dee!

  10. GaryE
    March 17th, 2011 @ 8:29 am

    Ok I will bite. What is it that makes Pjur better than other brands? I know this is not exactly the point of your post but this is not exactly a question that comes up at a dinner party. For the record this is directed at Delilah, Dee, and or whoever else can/will answer.

    I have tried ID and Swiss Navy silicone lubes. I was honestly surprised that I found a difference. The swiss navy is kind of well a little more slippery and easier to clean up. After I used it the first time I have not gone back. The problem is that the stuff is pretty expensive so buying 3 or 4 varieties and comparing them is cost prohibitive (not to mention that I just bought a 32 oz/ 946 mL bottle of the Swiss Navy — quantity discount you know).

    As far as the main point of your blog entry. You have balls of steel. I can not imagine doing what you did . . . I mean it is one thing to drop your rain coat in a dark/remote corner and have someone snap a quick picture but to actually tell the clerk what you are going to do and then strip off and then parade around the place well that takes what David Hobbs (F1 commentator in the USA) would call “large attachments”. Great post!

  11. Dee
    March 17th, 2011 @ 12:21 pm

    Molly – I really have so much fun doing this. Making sure that I’m not upsetting anyone in the process, of course!

    Sapio – I’m sure you do. It’s a good one :)

    MM – I wouldn’t call the DVD’s decent – two of the ones we purchased as they’ll be good for (bad)Porn and (good)Pizza day – and the rubber one wasn’t as good as we hoped it would be …

    Alexis – *beams*

    viemoira – Anytime you want to visit, m’dear!

    Rubyyy – Saucy and Sweet. I like that. Thank you :)

    DDD – Ooh – I like Hot and Hysterical, too!

    Lilly – It was indeed non-scary. We have some pretty decent ones in Auckland.

    Delilah – Pjur is awesome, absolutely.

    Gary – Large attachments? You mean big balls? I have ovaries of exhibitionistic steel!
    As for Pjur… I have compared it with other silicone lubes (LubeXXX is the one that comes easiest to mind), and have used a few different varieties of Pjur. In all instances I have appreciated the texture, the slipperiness, the staying power, and the way the bottle doesn’t spill if it falls over. I have used it for lubing (non-silicone) toys, my cunt, my arse, penises with and without condoms, and it’s great to stop my thighs chafing. It’s also pretty good for taming fly-away hair!

    xx to all,


  12. GaryE
    March 17th, 2011 @ 3:14 pm

    Yes that is exactly what I/David Hobbes meant/means by large attachments. LOL Call it what you want big balls, ovaries of steel, guts, whatever. It all works. I just like the expression “large attachments”.

    As far as the lube that is pretty much what I/we (my wife and I) use it for (well everything other than as a hair tonic and anti chaffing but the next time my wife complains about chaffing I will suggest it). What I was wondering is how you thought it (Pjur) compared to other silicone lubes. It seems you think it is better than LubeXXX (which I have never seen before) — I just looked it up (on the lubexxx website) and it seems it is both silicone based and water based so I guess I am not surprised that Pjur is better (considering that it is a pure silicone lube) 😉 .

    So as much for curiosity than any thing else have you or any of your readers compared it to other brands? Or have I just miss-understood what you said?

    I hope I do not sound like a jerk or whatever or that I am going on (and on and on) about it but this is not like some sex toy that you buy once it is something that we (kinksters) buy over and over again and I for one have never seen a serious discussion about it. Seriously in my lifetime I am sure that I/we have spent 4 – 5 times more on lube than I/we have on toys/restraints/etc. Now if only someone could get free samples and do a proper review. 😀


  13. Dee
    March 17th, 2011 @ 5:02 pm

    Gary – I haven’t done a comprehensive lubricant review (perhaps I should!), although at any one time there are two types of lube in my handbag (Pjur and Yes), and half a dozen in my bedside drawer, bathroom vanity etc.

    LubeXXX has the advantage in that I can use it on silicone toys safely. Pjur, to me, comes ahead in every other category.

    Other silicone lubes I have tried: Wet, Astroglide, Durex Play. I am always curious to try new lubes (hence the large variety in my drawers), but often-times the ones I get are water-based rather than silicone.

    xx Dee

  14. Amie
    March 17th, 2011 @ 5:13 pm

    Dee! I have totally worked in that store before! Wish you came in while I was behind the counter…

    About Pjur.

    I CANNOT say enough good things about Pjur. I would be happy to never ever use another lubricant again that isn’t Pjur.

    Things I love about it:
    * It doesn’t taste or smell… which means oral is a breeze after using it.

    * You only need a little of it.

    * It’s GREAT for fisting because it’s so slippery.

    * It comes in a million different types (I like the regular one, the ‘woman’ one and the one designed for toys.. yet to try the fisting cream..).

    * You don’t need to wash it off because it soaks into your skin like moisturiser (even internally). So none of this sticky, tacky, wash your hands business.

    * I am yet to find a lube that matches even half the awesomeness that is Pjur.

    * I should be a Pjur spokesperson.


  15. Samantha
    March 17th, 2011 @ 5:26 pm

    good times! you are a much braver woman than I am. Kudos! <3

  16. DefiningDelilah
    March 17th, 2011 @ 6:03 pm

    My two cents on Pjur (apart from that I love love love it)

    I have only tried one other discontinued aussie brand to be honest. I use the Pjur Original but I really want to try the other versions to!

    Silicone lubes as Gary E mentioned are quite expensive (My 100ml bottle cost $65 bucks). I have used a variety of water based lubes (because I use silicone toys)

    I love it for all the reasons listed above by Amie plus I have never had a reaction to it (I am allergic to a bunch of stuff) its noncomedogenic/doesn’t block pores, and a bottle goes a long way.

    I think with lubes its a case of once you find something that works (and works GREAT) you stick with it. If you buy an expensive lube that sucks you are going to want to use it up cause you spent all that money (and using crap lube can really ruin a sexy night… when I think of the years I used KY… jeez!)

  17. Miss Magenta
    March 17th, 2011 @ 8:38 pm

    Aw damn, that sucks and not in a good way! Personally I’m hanging out for the Rocki Whore Picture Show- should be an absolute cack :)

    xx MM

  18. GaryE
    March 18th, 2011 @ 3:44 am

    Wow Delilah that is expensive. I do not know if you are in the US or elsewhere so I am not sure how that translates. But The 32 oz/ ~ 950 mL bottle of Swiss navy I bought was only a little more than you paid for for 100 mL. (me goes to look up the price in case my memory is faulty) The price on is now $79.99 but I thought I paid more like $74 for it (this is US dollars). Either way as you said it is very expensive. But since I was paying something like $18 for 140 g/ 4.9 oz of the ID Millennium glide the price was well worth it (roughly 6 times the lube for 4 times the price) — especially when you consider that I at least like the Swiss Navy silicone lube better. I just love buying on-line. Maybe in New Zealand you do not have the on line options that we have here in the US (I really have no idea) but lubes can be found at substantial discounts over retail price I/we were just not at a place where we could go for the big volume discount until very recently so I only just took the plunge about 3 weeks ago.

    The hypo-allergenic nature of a lube I have to admit is something I would have never thought of. Nor the non-comedogenic (I have not seen that word in a long time) nature. All good things to know and important things to consider.

    That is all good stuff there too Amie although I have to admit that after having a wank or whatever I do wash my hands (or at least towel them off) because otherwise I get silicone lube all over everything I touch for the next few hours (like the computer screen, TV remote, my glasses, my bedside table, etc, etc, etc). I guess if you are going straight to sleep or whatever after it is less of a big deal.

    As Dee said in her tweet this really is a great discussion. There have got to be other folks reading this blog with an opinion come on speak up no one here is going to bite (unless you are into that kind of thing — sorry I could not resist the pun). But again in all seriousness come on folks speak up where else are you going to be able to have a frank discussion about lubes without judgement. If you are anything like me you have spent way more on lubes than anything else in your toy box/crate/trunk/closet over your lifetime.

    And yeah Dee if you could get someone to give you enough samples a detailed review of lubes would be a great idea.

    For what it is worth for silicone toys I use something called J-Lube. I love this stuff it is a powder that you mix up with water. For about $20 (US dollars) you get enough powder (16 oz) to mix up about IDK 6 gallons of lube. It is actually used in the Veterinary business as a birthing agent. I do not know how many of you watch the TV show Mythbusters nor do I even know if it is available in other countries (or what countries other than the UK it is broadcast) but in the “Slipping on a banana peel” episode the lube they use is almost certainly J-Lube. If you want to know more the best information I have found about it is in the following link . Basically I am cheap and this lube is as cheap as it gets. It is cheap enough that if you use something like 4 ounces in one play session it is no big deal (4 ounces costs about $0.25). The downside to this stuff is that like other water-based lubes it gets sticky after a while (at this point you can just add a bit more water via a spray bottle or whatever and it comes back to life) and it is a bit of a pain to mix up (I mix up 16 ounces at a time so it is not that big of a deal). The commercial water based lubes are a little bit better than this stuff to be honest but when you look at the difference in price to me it really is a no brainer. You are looking at a lube that with a little bit of effort costs about 1/10th to 1/20th the price of the big name brand water-based lubes. A lot of people swear by J-Lube and I have to admit that I do like it a lot however once I was not so cheap as to try silicone lube the first time I use J-Lube less and less.

  19. Annabelle
    March 18th, 2011 @ 3:56 am

    Eep! You are one brave chookie! I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to get my kit off in public, even if that public was a good sex shop. Go you!

    I have Pjur in my toy chest, but it is hard to beat Swiss Navy. Arthur, Brandi, Clover and myself did a trek around Oxford Street in the city a while back and tested every lube we could find (as best you can without fucking) as well as quizzing all of the chatty sales attendants about their preferences and top sellers. Swiss Navy came out on top with Pjur coming a close second. I can’t recall the difference, I think it came down to viscosity and dispenser. Pjur have itty bitty bottles around so you could give it a go before forking out the cash for the bigger ones.

  20. Dee
    March 18th, 2011 @ 3:37 pm

    Amie – How did I never know that you’d worked there before? Also, you should totally be a Pjur spokesperson. And a slathering-it-on-people person :)

    Samantha – *beams* It was a blast! And I proceeded to follow it up later that day with exhibitionism in a few other places. We’ll get to those pics in a wee while …

    Delilah – ‘Noncomedogenic’ was a new word to me. I love new words, so you get many hugs for introducing me to it! Also, KY? Ewwwww.

    MM – Rocky Whore looks like it will be interesting! The ones we bought were a riff on Pulp Fiction and a take-off of Logan’s Run. Both should be … intriguing.

    GaryE – This is proving to be a fascinating discussion! J-Lube sounds like fun to use! Hylas buys ultrasound gel in large quantities, decanting it into smaller bottles. Gets through a lot of it with rubber play, so it’s good value for money.

    Annabelle – Ah, I have no shame! Haven’t tried Swiss Navy, but I see a local online shop does sell their silicone product, so I’ll have to check it out at some point.

    xx to all,


  21. Amie
    March 18th, 2011 @ 3:40 pm

    I worked in THAT store only a handful of times. Used to manage the one in New Lynn & then the one on Wyndham St after that.. but worked in most of the others.. :-)

    I used to sell Pjur like mad!

  22. Dee
    March 20th, 2011 @ 10:44 am

    Amie – That’s because lube is awesome, and Pjur is awesomest!

    xx Dee

  23. Twisted Finger
    March 26th, 2011 @ 7:35 pm

    Wow!! That’s so ballsy!! You go girl!! :)

  24. Dee
    March 27th, 2011 @ 9:06 am

    Twisted Finger – Hey, thanks! I had a blast doing it :)

    xx Dee

  25. Max
    April 7th, 2011 @ 4:21 am

    Looks like you had fun in your hunt.

  26. Dee
    April 7th, 2011 @ 7:27 pm

    Max – Been have a great time, absolutely!

    xx Dee


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