In Hot Water

Posted on | February 2, 2011 | 2 Comments |

In the continuing adventures of Dee and Hylas in the Coromandel, we made our way over to the East Coast, and thus to one of the many beaches, scattered around. This was a special one, though.

Why? Because it’s Hot Water Beach.

The sea water isn’t hot. The sand is – but that’s not surprising. However, for a few hours each day when the tide is at the right level, you can dig holes in the sand, and hot water filters in and fills it up. Nothing like a spa before your swim!

While we’d timed it wrong, and thus weren’t able to relax in the hot water, it didn’t stop us having fun.

Hot Water Beach 01

Where are my feet? They’re enjoying the mud-bath! (Click for the full version.)

Naturally, I had sunblock on and a parasol with me. This one is a gorgeous coral pink waxed paper (a month or so earlier Hylas has whisked me off to Wah Lee‘s to see the selection there and choose one), made in Thailand.

Hot Water Beach 04

Click to see how the colour changes when the sun is shining through it!

After sitting on the rocks in the shade and enjoying the splash and sparkle of the waves, it was back into the car and onwards to our next destination.

Music for this part of the holiday: Hot Water Beach Rave

More Coromandel highlights, with considerably more skin, next week!


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2 Responses to “In Hot Water”

  1. DDD
    February 3rd, 2011 @ 1:34 am

    Love the parasol … but you’re definitely wearing too much clothing;-)

  2. Dee
    February 4th, 2011 @ 7:42 am

    DDD – You’ll like next week’s posting then. No clothing at all!

    xx Dee


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