Apollo Sandwich

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Eventually I will be unblocked and writing hot posts about hot sex with hot partners again. In the meantime, this is a wonderful memory! 

Apollo and I have been together for half a decade. We’ve shared our bed with a few female partners (no male ones yet, but I live in hope), and we’ve gone off to other beds with individual partners. Many fantasies have been lived out … but there was a big one that just hadn’t happened.

I’d never seen Apollo fuck someone else.

All that changed the evening Demeter added the-with benefits back on to our friendship – three years of living in hope and keeping the offer of bed-shenanigans open paid off in the end! She’s shared our bed in the past, playing with both Apollo and I, but in those instances it always ended with me being on the receiving end of Apollo’s cock, with Demeter looking on in joyful exhaustion. This time, however, things turned out a little differently.

I’d already delighted in re-acquainting myself with Demeter’s cunt, and when Apollo joined us, he was in much the same mind, especially when she told us that it was the first time anyone had gone down on her in about two years (an appalling thing to hear!). This was rectified after warm welcoming cuddles, with Apollo sliding down the bed and tasting her muskiness while she and I kissed.

Apollo loves giving cunnilingus as much as I do, and with as much enthusiasm. In this instance, it led to more gasping and coming from Demeter, and he didn’t re-emerge until his beard and moustache were dripping with her juices – which I promptly kissed off him, licking the taste of Demeter off him while I fondled her below.

I left them to lie together, to snuggle and grope each other while I focused on his cock for a while, sliding my mouth up and down – showing Demeter how I’d picked up a few tips off her the last time we had played (he likes the occasional ‘hoover’ action toward the tip, where there’s suction and tightness and no movement for a few seconds. Something I never knew until I’d seen his reaction to her doing it).

It was then that Demeter said, “Oh, I really feel like getting fucked right now,” with that sensual, relaxed and hopeful expression, and that things headed for new territory.

“Well, you two could fuck, if you want!” I replied with a slow smile. I then looked over at Apollo. “If … if you want to?” The grin on his face was all the answer I needed to that one. I leaned over to the toy box and pulled out the box of condoms, while they kissed and groped and fondled some more. Pulling a packet from the box, and the condom for the packet, I asked Apollo if I could put it on for him – and then got laughed at (nicely) by them both when I had fun working out the unrolling direction. This is what I get for letting the male partner put it on all the time! Eventually we got it sorted out, condom on cock, all in place, and I sat back to watch him slide into her.

It was as wonderful to watch as it is to feel … and I felt so special watching them. To see what I normally get to feel, to know how Demeter was feeling while his cock slid into her cunt.

Taking advantage of my freedom to move around, I sat at the end of the bed, behind Apollo, and watched from beneath as he slid deeply inside her, then pulled out a little way in order to push in again. I watched his balls tightening and releasing, the slipperiness on his shaft and the condom, the clenching of the walls of Demeter’s cunt around him. Unable to resist, I added a finger to the underside of his cock, slipping in and out of her cunt with him, revelling in her wetness, his hardness, the connection of the two.

I have no idea how long they fucked for. But they came, and it was delightful, and I kissed them both as they collapsed in happy release.

Afterwards we cuddled together, Apollo sandwiched between two voluptuous and sated lovers. And it was good.

Originally posted July 2007.

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4 Responses to “Apollo Sandwich”

  1. Miss Magenta
    September 23rd, 2010 @ 3:51 am

    Hot! I can confirm I’m sitting in a lovely little puddle right now 😉

    xx MM

  2. Dee
    September 23rd, 2010 @ 9:40 am

    Aww, thanks MM! Now that’s a compliment :)

    xx Dee

  3. Kiwiana
    September 24th, 2010 @ 8:17 pm

    Nothing better than a sandwich! OMG how hot was that. I’m drooling

  4. Dee
    September 25th, 2010 @ 5:22 pm

    I remember … been too long, and must do that again :)

    xx Dee


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