Is it any wonder?

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I seem to be all over the internets at the moment… which is pretty cool, actually!

A roundup of me-ness from the last week:

The delectably tart Luka interviewed me over at the Boudoir, drinking tea and letting it all hang out on her chaise lounge. This was the inaugural Boudoir interview, and she is looking for more exhibitionistic folks – so let her know if you’re interested!

The Boudoir is dimly lit and filled with the heady scents of exotic incense, Mum roll-on deodorant and fabric conditioner. The cushions on the chaise longue have been plumped, the portraits dusted and the dog has been shut in the kitchen. I’m ready to welcome my guest for the evening. [That would be me – the guest, that is.]

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Nilla, having already blown my mind last week by using my HNT as inspiration for a hot erotica piece, went and did it again! If you enjoyed ‘The Window‘, then check out ‘Basquing in the Pleasure of You‘.


She walked into the room and instantly all eyes were on her. She was a tall, strong, curvy woman. Her tightly fitted basque showed off her waist, dramatized the flare of breasts and hips, while the skirt of the sheer slip she wore beneath it flowed from under the bottom to tease the watchers with softened glimpses of her ass, her legs, and from the front, her pouty mons. The black basque showed her skin to perfection, and the tight half cups raised her breasts like an offering. Those breasts were discreetly covered by a lacey shawl, translucent, but glittering with the jewels that embellished the front. They were glinting and winking with each breath she took. Of course, the whispy shawl wasn’t that discreet, really. Rather, it teased, it hinted, it taunted the watchers at what lay quietly beneath, the full round orbs of her breasts thrusting the shimmering shawl forward, proclaiming to all those who turned at her entry ”here is a Woman!”

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Last but not least, the incomparable Jackie Adshead, erotic artist extraordinaire (she who painted my cunt so amazingly), has bestowed upon me the ‘You Are a Great Read’ award. Yay!

Apparently this means I need to now share 10 things I do every day. I can do that!


1: Take a lot of different pills. I take various medications upon awaking, after breakfast, mid-afternoon, after dinner, and before bed.

2: Read a book. I don’t remember a day ever when I’ve not been in the middle of a book (or two, or three, or more), or finishing a book, or choosing a new book to read. Even if I’m flat-out all day, there’s still time for a chapter or two at bedtime.

3: Talk to my beloved husband, Apollo. There are times when we’re practically ships passing at sea, but there’s always a moment to text, chat, or share a hug before sleep.

4: Drink tea. Earl Grey for preference, as those of you who’ve read my interview at the Boudoir will know!

5: Pop onto FetLife and do my greetings. I’ve been an official greeter there for about 18 months, and I still love introducing people to the site :)

6: Say something geeky. Quotes make up a part of everyday conversation for me – and chances are that at some point during the day I’ve said something directly attributable to Buffy, The IT Crowd, Invader Zim, or another show I love.

7: Mention sex. Or wanking. Or sex toys. Or generally something that shouldn’t be mentioned in front of my grandmother (although last time I saw her we had a great conversation about sexual health, actually). The joys of being a) a sex fiend; b) a sex blogger; and c) working in the sex industry.

8: Perve at a guy with long hair. Apollo usually gets in first here – as I do see him every day. But Hylas gets a look in, as do various friends, random guys on the street, and certain celebrities. Nom.

9: Think about my mother. It’s over a decade since she died, but she’s still in my thoughts every day.

10: Keep on going. Every day. Some days I skip through, and some I plod. Some days I love everyone and everything, and others I drown in pain. But I keep going. And you all help me, every day.

I’m also supposed to pass on this award, so I give it to the following lovely people (in no particular order):
Alan @ Polyamory in the News – always keeping me up to speed with how poly is percieved
Molly @ Stuffies – sharing hot pictures, and discussing a fascinating fetish
Hannah @ Sweet Savage Thighs – great erotica writer, who blogs interestingly as well
Sapphire @ Elegant Smut – if you’re not reading Sapphire, you need to be
Britni @ Oh my God, that Britni’s Shameless – continually interesting, both in life experiences and food for thought
Zoe @ A.E. Brain – reading Zoe’s blog has really increased my knowledge of gender issues, and transgender issues in particular
Nilla @ Vanilla Mom – my newest favourite hot erotica writer
Shon @ Erotiterrorist – my older favourite hot erotica writer
Shanna @ Sexuality Happens – just purely awesome
Wendy @ Heart Full of Black – she makes me want to be a better kinkster

I think that’s enough fame for one week … well, nearly! David Bowie needs to give me just a leeeetle bit more:

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One Response to “Is it any wonder?”

  1. sapphirejay
    November 11th, 2009 @ 6:41 am

    Well, slap my thigh and call me Martha. I may not answer, because my name isn't Martha, but you get the idea. I'm surprised, delighted, shocked and delighted all over again.

    Thank you, Dee. Work, life and general crapiosity got on top of me and I'm only just now seeing your post and responding to it. Thank you for your enormously kind words, I'm extraordinarily touched.

    I'm off now to post about your recommendations. Thanks again — really.

    Sapphire, Elegant Slut and general all-round good egg.


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