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So twice in the last week I’ve received the delicious, delectable, dee-groovy, Dee-sexy award. Many thanks to Viemoira and Diana both – it made my day each time!

 *click to see me glowing*

According to both post, this award comes with a catch – aside from reposting it, that is. I need to list 5 sexy things about myself, and then pass it on to 4 different people.

Y’know, I think I can do that!

Five Dee-sexy things about me

1: I look absolutely smashing when I wriggle my arse to music – often while I’m making dinner. Music to wriggle to: Deee-lite (Groove is in the Heart); They Might Be Giants (Constantinople); Warren Zevon (Lawyers, Guns and Money).

2: I was professionally photographed in the nude when I was 20. I’ve just spoken to the photographer about doing another shoot with him, now it’s over a decade later. I was sexy then – I’m sexier now.

3: When I look at myself in the mirror, post-shower, I don’t see imperfections. I see me, and I think I’m beautiful.

4: I find giving oral pleasure endlessly delicious (well, at least until I sprain my tongue). Whether it’s a penis, a cunt, or an arsehole, my lips and tongue and gently scraping teeth really enjoy exploring.

5: I finally got to fulfil one of my longest-held fantasies last week. I’m still glowing!

4 people deserving of the label ‘Sexy Blogger’

1: Fred Bloggs, of Just My Random Perverted Thoughts. This sexy man has long hair and a love of kilts – and he teases me deliciously on twitter!

2: Panthera Pardus, of Ramblings of a Newbie. I have a serious crush on this woman, not least because she makes her own toys.

3: Another of my crushes, the eponymous Erin Leone – who does the best video reviews out there.

4: 13messages never fails to arouse me with either words or images (and often both). I wish he and I lived a whole lot closer.

Now go have a look, and see how sexy they are as well!

Music to wriggle to!
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One Response to “Dee-sexy”

  1. RPT (Fred Bloggs)
    May 8th, 2009 @ 8:13 am

    Dee darling, thank you. :)
    Love the idea of you arse wiggling to music…


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